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Everyone knows that a Kaleidocycle is a rotating and manipulable foldable paper toy that is simple to create. It also forms a stunning geometric sculpture that you can display as a decorative piece in your house. So, do you want to learn how to make a Kaleidocycle? If yes, then continue reading.

(Especially if you have kids at your home, you can make one for them to surprise them. They will surely be delighted to have something different to play with.)


To make a Kaleidocycle, you are supposed to collect these materials.


  • Scissors


Steps To Make A Kaleidocycle

Once you are done gathering supplies, it’s time for you to quickly go through these steps. Read it twice if it’s unclear (although that won’t be needed).

Step 1: Print a template on paper and color it in whatever color you like.


Step 2: Make folds along the template’s diagonal lines. To ensure that they fold back and forth effortlessly, you may need to crease them numerous times. The Kaleidocycle will be able to turn because of these wrinkles.

Fold the creases

Step 3: Then, crease each parallelogram down the middle (see dotted lines below). Folding the Kaleidocycle both ways will make it flexible and easy to turn.

Fold the dotted lines

Step 4: Fold the template in half, hot dog style, and glue it together. To ensure that the glue segment and the top parallelogram flex together, align the central crease of the glue segment with the crease of the top parallelogram.

Use glue

Step 5: Glue all of the sections together, leaving the tabs out. You may have to wait until the adhesive dries before moving on to the next stage. Make a circle out of the Kaleidocycle by gluing the flaps to the exterior.

Join all sections

Step 6: Tuck the edges inside the final pyramid and keep it in place until the glue is dry. Before attempting to flip your Kaleidocycle, let it dry completely.

Final pyramid

Step 7: You might have to gradually turn the Kaleidocycle several times once the adhesive has cured to redefine the creases and release the hinges. Enjoy your kaleidoscope’s twists and turns!



  • Make nice creases: You should make smooth creases to make your art piece look beautiful and exactly the same.

Wow, the steps are so easy. Well, it is, and if you have kids at your home, this is a fantastic thing to surprise them. So, without any further delay, just follow these steps and learn how to make a Kaleidocycle.


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