How To Make A Leather Mason Jar Sleeve

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Everyone loves to have a perfect evening with favorite novels and a cup of coffee. True, isn’t it? Then how about getting a little creative with the process? In this tutorial, you will learn how to make a Leather Mason Jar Sleeve at home. So what are you waiting for? Go get started on it.


Creating a Leather Mason Jar Sleeve is uncomplicated if you have all the necessary supplies on hand. If you would like to create your own Leather Mason Jar Sleeve, you’ll need to have the following components:



  • Mason Jar (pint size)
  • Carving leather
  • 2 sets of rivets
  • Thread

Step To Make A Leather Mason Jar Sleeve

So, now that you have all of the materials get ready to make a Leather Mason Jar Sleeve. If you execute the instructions carefully, making it is quick and easy:

Step 1: Firstly, take the leather piece that would fit your Mason jar leaving a little space at the end. Cut a 6 cm long thin strip as well.

Cut the leather sheet- How To Make A Leather Mason Jar Sleeve

Cut the leather sheet

Step 2: Next, with the help of a punching machine, punch 6 holes on each side of the leather sheet at equal distances.

Punch holes(How To Make A Leather Mason Jar Sleeve)

Punch holes

Step 3: The short strip will be riveted to the wide leather to construct the mug handle. Then, with the backside exposed, place the stripped tip on the edge of the leather piece. Then turn that over and rivet the lower right side out.

Attach the handle

Step 4: Puncture holes in the leather and push riveting studs through the bottom. Place the riveting cover on top of the thin strip and push it down. Finally, hammer the cap onto the stud using a solid surface. Wrap the strip around the other stud and press it in place. It should be capped and hammered in place.

Hammer the rivets

Step 5: Stitch up the side holes with a catgut with a strong needle. And make sure the leather borders are in contact. Bind it off inside the koozie by zipping it back and forth across the perforations.

Stitch the leather ends

Step 6: Your Mason jar is all ready to be served.

Leather Mason Jar Sleeve


  • Beware of sharp objects: Be attentive while using the scissors and punching machines as a slight distraction can cause serious cuts and injuries.
  • Use heavy equipment carefully: Keep your eyes open while using hammers and other heavy machines as they can cause serious injuries.

At last, you’re ready to give this a try. Now it’s upon you to come up with something different. You already know how to make a Leather Mason Jar Sleeve by following a few simple steps. Even if that doesn’t turn out well the first time, don’t be afraid to give it another shot. To reap the benefits of the circumstance and see what occurs.


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