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In the present time, who doesn’t love wearing cool jewellery? We all believe that when we have some jewellery on, it makes us look more attractive and adds to our style quotient. Especially when we go out somewhere or have to attend an event, we like to look our best so that we become the centre of attraction at the party. This is why today we are going to tell you how to make a LEGO bracelet at home.

When we talk about jewellery, bracelets are one of those pieces that are light as well as trendy. Not just at parties, we can wear bracelets on our normal days as well. Do you all celebrate friendship day? Well, we love tying friendship bands and bracelets on our friends’ hands. But, what if we say that you can make those bracelets on your own easily?

Yes, you heard it right, as making bracelets with LEGO is a great way to let our brain cells at work. It will help you get more creative and if your kids are making LEGO bracelets, it will help in their motor development. Moreover, the emotional value of those bracelets will increase even more when you make them yourself.

So, without wasting any time, let’s have a look at the supplies that we are going to need to make LEGO bracelets.


All you need is to collect the given tools and materials, and you can make LEGO bracelets at home.


  • Driller
  • Scissors


  • LEGO squares
  • Colourful threads or wool

Steps To Make A LEGO Bracelet

You just need to follow simple steps to make beautiful LEGO bracelets at home.

Step 1: Take a LEGO brick and make two holes on both sides using a driller.

Makes two holes

Step 2: Take three colourful threads or wool and cut them off the same size. Insert all the threads at once through the hole.

Insert three threads

Step 3: Now, tie a knot in the beginning to secure the thread with the hole. Make a braid using the three threads and tie another knot in the end.

Make a braid and tie a knot

Step 4: Repeat the same steps for the other hole as well, and your LEGO bracelet is ready.

LEGO bracelet

LEGO bracelet


While making this LEGO bracelet, ensure that you handle the driller and sharp instruments like scissors with extreme care. So, now as we told you, how to make a LEGO bracelet at home, get started and make one for yourself and your friends.


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