How To Make A LEGO C3PO And R2-D2

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We have made several models with Lego Blocks, but we will make 2 models today. So, today we will teach you how to make a Lego C3PO and R2-D2. Let us begin.


Let us note down the supplies list.


Steps To Make A LEGO C3PO And R2-D2

Step 1: The first step is to connect the 1X2 yellow plate and make the head.

Making the Head

Step 2: The second step is to connect a 2X3 yellow plate

Connecting the Plate

Step 3: Now, add two pieces of 1X2 yellow bricks and then add one 1X2 dark grey Lego plate.

Adding the Pieces

Step 4: Now, gently add a 1X1 Lego piece with a stud in front of the grey piece. Secondly, add one 1X1 brick back of it. Then, add two pieces of 1X2 Lego bricks that will hold the eyes. Again, add two 1X2 brick pieces with a stud on the backside; the studs should point towards the head.

Holding the Head

Step 5: The next step is to add two 1X1 bricks with a stud between the eyes.

Adding Bricks

Step 6: Now fix these bricks.

Fixing the Head

Step 7: Now, gently fix 2X2 plates on the sides and then add one 1X2 plate with the help of a stud on the top of the nose.

Fixing the Plates

Step 8: Now, collect and gather the Lego bricks.

Gathering Pieces

Step 9: The next step is to assemble them, as shown below.

Assembling the Pieces

Step 10: Attach this assembled piece to the back of the head with the help of a stud.

Connecting the Assembled Pieces

Step 11: It’s time to make the legs and for that, attach 3 studs.

Making Legs

Step 12: Use 1X2 black bricks for the C3PO waist.

Making Legs

Step 13: Add 2X2 Lego brick pieces on each side and then add 1X2 with two studs’ pieces on the side in the centre.

Making Waist

Step 14: Now, connect a 1X2 black plate on the 1X2 brick pieces along with two studs at the side. Then connect blue and blue and red grill pieces.

Connecting Blue and Red Pieces

Step 15: Now add yellow bricks in front of the waist and then place the rows at the back.

Connecting the Pieces

Step 16: In the next step, you should add two layers of the black Lego plates, then add two 1X2 bricks and two 1X1 bricks with the studs. Now, add the bricks to make the back row match the height.

Adding the Layers

Step 17: Fix one 2X2 round brick on the studs above the waist and then build the body. Then add two 2X2 plates by using a ball joint on the shoulders.

Adding the Round Bricks

Step 18: Then, build the arms and make the fingers. You can use ball sockets as shoulders and then use clips for fingers.

Making Arms

Step 19: The next step is to assemble all the sections, and your Lego C3PO is ready.


Step 20: For R2, firstly use a hinge and 4X4 blue coloured flat brick, then use a 2X2 round black plate for the R2’s face.

Making the Face

Step 21: Now, attach the hinge in the following manner.

Attaching the Hinge

Step 22: Make the lower section with grey plates and use brackets at the front to hold the round grey coloured bricks.

Making Lower Section

Step 23: Now, make the head by connecting the following pieces.

Assembling the Head Pieces

Step 24: Now, make a 4X4 turntable with the locking base and then the arms are attached with the 1X2 technic brick on both sides.

Making the Base

Step 25: Now, make the hand inner side of the hands in the following manner.

Inner Side of Hand

Step 26: Now, make the hand outer side of the hands in the following manner.

Outer Side of Hand

Step 27: Make the front leg in the following manner.

Making Front Leg

Step 28: The last step is assembling all the pieces.

Lego R2

Things To Remember

  • Make sure you follow every step and appropriately fix all the pieces.


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