How To Make A LEGO Cat

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Many people wish to have cats as their pets, but unfortunately, they cannot. So, to fulfil their wish today, we will teach you how to make a Lego cat.


Let us note down the requirements list that is necessary to make a Lego Cat.


  • Lego Blocks
  • Lego Eyes

Steps To Make A LEGO Cat

Step 1: The first step is to gather all the required shapes to make the cat face.

Gathering Pieces for Cat Face

Step 2: The second step is to connect the 1X4 brick on the top of the 2X4 plate. And then connect 1X2 bracket.

Connecting Lego Bricks

Step 3: Now, connect 1X2 dark grey Lego plates and then add two 1X1 dark grey bricks with the help of a stud.

Connecting Dark Grey Bricks

Step 4: Now attach a 1X2 plate with one stud and a 1X1 pink round plate, and it will be the nose.

Attaching the Nose

Step 5: Fix the eyes and the antennas to the bracket.

Fixing the Eyes

Step 6: Gently fix two 2X4 bricks and complete the head. Then add one 2X4 plate on the top.

Making the Head

Step 7: Complete the head by attaching a 1X2 plate and fixing two 1X1 slopes, and it will be our ears.

Completing the Head

Step 8: Collect the grey plates to make the body.

Making the Body

Step 9: Now, connect the 2X2 plate along with 2X4 plates on the 2X6 plate.

Connecting Lego Plates

Step 10: The next step is to turn the cat’s body and connect a 2X4 brick and two 1X2 technic bricks.

Turning the Body

Step 11: Fix one 1X2 Lego brick and 1X2 inverted slope on every side of the body. Secondly, add a 2X6 white plate in the middle. It will be the belly of the cat.

Making the Belly

Step 12: Now, turn the body and use a 2X2 dark grey plate to fix the 2X2 white inverted slope. Later fix one 1X2 white plate under a white slope.

Fixing the Dark Grey Plate

Step 13: In the next step build the front paws of the cat.

Building the Front Paws

Step 14: Now, build the back legs as follows.

Building the Legs

Step 15: Gather and assemble the bricks to make the back legs.

Making the Back Legs

Step 16: Connect the 1X2 dark grey Lego plate with the clip at the end of the 1X2 light grey Lego plate. Later add one 1X2 dark grey circular plate followed by a 1X2 white slope along with a cut-out.

Connecting the Lego Plate

Step 17: Connect one 1X2 dark grey plate with the help of a pin to the light grey plate. Later, add one 1X2 slope and then slide the black pin inside the pinhole.

Making the Legs

Step 18: Now, fix the back legs and then build the tail with the help of Lego pieces.

Step 19: The last step is to assemble all pieces.

Lego Cat


  • We recommend you make cats of various shades.


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