How To Make A LEGO Chess Set

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We all have played chess but have you wondered if you can play chess with Lego pieces. So, in today’s article, we will teach you how to make a Lego chess set. Let us begin.


Let us make the supplies list that is required to make the Lego chessboard.


  • Lego Blocks
  • Lego Cover
  • Lego Character

Steps To Make A LEGO Chess Set

Step 1: The first step is to take a couple of Lego blocks. Once you place them, arrange and form them into square pieces. This will be our chessboard.

Chess Board

Step 2: The second step is to connect the Lego blocks above each other and then fix the Lego cap on it.

Making Chess Pawn

Step 3: Now, simultaneously make some other chess pawns.

Making multiple Chess Pawns

Step 4: Then, take the other Lego blocks and connect them. Now, this will be our Rook for the chess set.

The Rook

Step 5: Connect the Lego pieces in the following manner and make the Knight of the game. But, this time you have to connect the Lego cover at the top.

The Knight

Step 6: Now, simply take the small Lego blocks and connect them to three layers. On top of that, fix the cap, and now the bishop is ready.

Making the Bishop

Step 7: Now, let us make the queen and for that, connect the Lego pieces and then attach the sides. Once you are done in the middle, attach the cap.

Making the Queen

Step 8: Then it’s time to make the king for that, arrange and fix the Lego pieces in the following design manner.

Making the King

Step 9: Once you are done fixing your favourite Lego character on it.

Fixing the Lego Character on the King

Step 10: The last step is to repeat all the steps simultaneously and make the black chess pieces.

Lego Chess Set


  • We recommend you use the small Lego pieces apart from the Lego caps.
  • We recommend making the Lego board using traditional black and white Lego pieces.

Things To Remember

  • Make sure you have a board made up by connecting sixty-four pieces.


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