How To Make A LEGO Crane

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Lego helps us develop our creative skills, along with Lego pieces helping children to learn difficult concepts in a simplified manner. In our previous articles also, we have learnt many difficult concepts easily with the help of Lego. We are going to teach you how to make a Lego crane. Let us begin


Let us have a look at the list of supplies that are required to make a Lego crane. They are as follows:


  • Lego base
  • Lego weights
  • Lego Slope
  • Plastic
  • Lego Flat Pieces
  • Lego Pin

Steps To Make A LEGO Crane

Step 1: Prepare a base. You can prepare it by connecting flat Lego pieces or by placing a medium-size Lego plate on a flat surface.

Preparing the Lego Base

Step 2: You have to place one big Lego block on the side and then place the supporting small Lego boxes at its support in the following manner.

Adding the Lego Blocks

Step 3: Now, place the Lego flat pieces above the bricks.

Placing the Flat Lego Pieces as Support

Step 4: Now, gently fix the small Lego pieces or pipes at the corners in the following steps.

Adding the Small Lego Pipes or Pieces

Step 5: Now, place these types of tiny pieces and slopes on the other side of the base.

Placing the Tiny Pieces and Slopes at another End

Step 6: Coming back to our first section, where you have to build the second layer. For that, you have to place the Lego piece above the flat piece and then fix the small Lego blocks and above that, place one more flat piece.

Building the Second Layer

Step 7: Simultaneously, continue building this process and make additional levels. At the sides, add these types of pieces for support.

Adding Multiple Layers

Step 8: Above the building, add some additional Lego pieces and build them in the following manner.

Continuing Building the Floors

Step 9: In the next step, make a pillar. First, you have to add the Lego bricks at the base and then continue building the pillar in the following manner.

Building the Pillar of the Crane

Step 10: On the top of the pillar at the end top will be the final layer of the pillar.

Adding the Top Layer of the Crane

Step 11: On the top, attach the circular Lego piece in the following manner.

Building the Crane

Step 12: Now, get a flat Lego piece and above that, attach the block. Upon that, add a sloping piece.

Making Face of the Crane

Step 13: Fix a small plastic case on one side, and above that, fix the small slope piece.

Building the Front Layer of the Crane

Step 14: At the edge, fix a long piece and then attach the Lego hanger to the edge.

Fixing the Hanger in the arms of the Crane

Step 15: Adjust the hanger and pulleys in the following manner at the edge.

Adjusting the Hanger

Step 16: In the next step, add this crane piece to the top of the pillar.

Adjusting the Crane

Step 17: The last step is to hook the weight on the crane and enjoy playing with it.

Lego Crane


  • We recommend you make the pillar of at least three to four layers.

Things To Remember

  • Make sure you add do not add heavyweight and damage the crane.
  • Make sure you connect all the pieces appropriately.


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