How To Make A LEGO Crossbow

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We have played with a crossbow in our childhood, and we also want our future generations to play and enjoy it. But in this modern Lego world, have you wondered if you could make the crossbow. So today, we will teach you how to make a Lego crossbow.


Now, let us note down the supplies list.


  • Two Rubber Bands


Steps To Make A LEGO Crossbow

Step 1: Firstly, start building the crossbow with the help of 1X16 technic brick. Then connect blue pins into the holes as shown below.

Building the Crossbow

Step 2: Fix a 3X5 L-shaped lift arm for the initial two pins. Now, add a 1X15 lift arm and then add two more blue pins inside the lift arm.

Fixing the L-Shaped Lift-Arm

Step 3: Now, again, in the third step, connect one more 1X16 Technic Brick.

Connecting the Technic Brick

Step 4: In the next step, add two technic axles along with the pin connectors. Now, grab a 1X9 Technic lift arm and insert two blue axle pins as shown below.

Attaching Technic Bricks

Step 5: Now, gently slide the blue axle pins into the light grey connectors in the crossbow. After that, insert the four black pins inside the red coloured lift arm.

Fixing the Blue Axle Pins

Step 6: In the following step, add two 1X8 Tiles that will give the arrow stability. Now, fix a 1X15 technic lift arm on every side.

Adding the Tiles

Step 7: Get a strong rubber band and then insert two black technic pins at the ends of the lift arm.

Getting the Rubber Band

Step 8: Gently wrap the rubber band around the black coloured technic pins and secure it by sliding a 1X2 technic lift arm on each side.

Wrapping the Rubber Band

Step 9: Get two 2X3 L-shaped Lift arms, one axle and a blue technic pin and build the trigger in the following manner.

Making the Trigger

Step 10: Now, gently slide the pin through the L-shaped lift arm and then fix one more 2X4 L-shaped lift arm.

Fixing the Trigger

Step 11: The last step is to line up the arrow and enjoy the crossbow.

Lego Crossbow

Things To Remember

  • The pins used in the Crossbow should be 3 studs long.
  • Make sure your trigger is flexible.


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