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In previous articles, we have made Star war characters from Lego pieces. But this time we will make something new. So, in today’s article, we will teach you how to make a Lego Dog.


In the next section of the article, let us gather the required requirements to make a Lego dog.


  • Lego Eyes
  • Lego Pieces
  • Lego Brick

Steps To Make A LEGO Dog

Step 1: The first step is to place a 2X4 Lego brick.

Placing 2X4 Lego Brick

Step 2: The second step is to connect the two flat Lego bricks in the following manner.

Connecting the Flat Pieces

Step 3: Now, add again 2X4 flat brick followed by a 2X1 flat brick.

Connecting the Bricks

Step 4: Once again, add the same bricks as we have done in the previous step. And then add one more 2X4 flat Lego brick along with a 2X1 flat Lego brick.

Making the Front Face

Step 5: Now, connect the Lego eyes.

Connecting the Eyes

Step 6: Now, connect two Lego bricks of 2X4 size to the back of the Lego dock.

Fixing the Lego Bricks

Step 7: Once again, connect a 1X4 Lego brick.

Connecting 1X4 Lego Brick

Step 8: For making the sides of the head, use a slope brick along with 1X3 flat brick on every side.

Making the Sides of Head

Step 9: Make the top section of the head.

Making Top Section of Head

Step 10: Join two white colour studs around the bricks, and it will be the teeth. Then add multiple flat bricks at the lower side of the head, and this will be the jaw. And then connect the ears.

Making Teeth

Step 11: The next step is to build the body by using Lego bricks in the following manner.

Building the Body

Step 12: Now, attach the tail.

Attaching the Tail

Step 13: The last step is to connect the dog’s head.

Lego Dog

Things To Remember

  • Make sure you appropriately connect all the Lego pieces.


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