How To Make A LEGO Ferris Wheel

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We have seen Ferris wheel at the funfair. But have you wondered if you could make the Ferris wheel by using Lego bricks? So, today we will teach you how to make a Lego Ferris Wheel.


Let us note down the supplies list required to make a Lego Ferris Wheel. They are as follows:


Steps To Make A LEGO Ferris Wheel

Step 1: The first step is to collect four 1X15 Technic Lift arms and insert a blue axle pin at the bottom. Slide one 1X2 technic brick has an axle hole on every axle pin.

Collecting Technic Firms

Step 2: The second step is to make the base by using four Lego bricks and one plate. Then make the axle at the top of the frame with one light grey axle, which is nine studs long and one light grey coloured axle and 7 studs long. Now, connect it with a technic axle connector which is two studs long.

Making the Base

Step 3: Now, make the wheel by using a 6X6 light grey circular plate, and then fix a 2X2 round plate on every side of it at the top and bottom. Fix the 2X2 round plates that have axle holes. Now, connect the 6X6 round plate with axle holes to connect with the axle and rotate it.

Making the Wheel

Step 4: Get some Lego bricks, as shown below, to make the rods that will support the passenger seats.

Making the Passenger Seat Support

Step 5: Connect one 1X2 pin connector plate with a 2X2 tile modified with a pin. Then connect them to the end of a 2X10 dark grey plate. Later fix one 1X2 red Lego plate under the pin connector plate.

Connecting the Connector Pins

Step 6: Now, use two 2X6 Lego plates and four 1X2 Lego bricks on every side. And this will be our passenger seat.

Making the Passenger Seat

Step 7: Simultaneously, make multiple passenger seats for the Ferris wheel frame.

Making the Multiple Passenger Seats

Step 8: Connect 1X8 dark grey plates and eight 1X4 hinge plates. This will be the outside of the wheel.

Making the Ferris Wheel

Step 9: The last step is to line up the outside studs with 2X10 plates. Now, the outer side of the wheel should be attached with two 2X10 plates.

Lego Ferris Wheel

Things To Remember

  • Make sure you appropriately connect all the pieces.


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