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Want to learn how to make a LEGO lantern? If your answer is yes, then keep reading to know the simple steps here. But before that, let’s consider why kids should make a LEGO lantern.

So, as we all know, most kids like playing with LEGO bricks. It’s mainly because they are more than simply a fun toy that keeps kids entertained for hours? You can understand how LEGO may help children learn and develop when you think about it. Although it may appear that developing fine motor skills is evident, have you ever realized that youngsters need the same reflexes and skills when trying to write?

For instance, kids’ fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination are strengthened while playing LEGO. It happens as the bricks are connected with precision and intricacy. LEGO structures are built by connecting two LEGO bricks. Additionally, children learn to organize their building endeavors when haphazard construction breaks apart.

Playing with LEGO bricks provides a secure setting for kids to fail and learn from their mistakes. Collapsing LEGO towers are part of the pleasure, and kids don’t mind rebuilding them until they succeed. They may be eager to attempt new things, learn from their failures, and feel satisfied when completing a successful LEGO build. Learning from one’s mistakes can boost a child’s self-esteem, which can help them mature and operate in adulthood. Self-assured children are not scared to try new things; they view failure as a necessary part of the learning process and do not take it personally. Whoa, sounds amazing, right?

Now that you know why your kid should invest their time making this, you invest your time reading this blog first to learn the steps.


You’ll need nothing else than LEGO blocks to make a beautiful LEGO lantern.


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Steps To Make A LEGO Lantern

Here are the steps to make a beautiful LEGO lantern.

Step 1: Arrange the blocks shown in the image below.

How To Make A LEGO Lantern

Arrange these blocks

Step 2: Begin by placing the circular blocks on one another.

LEGO Lantern

Add the circle blocks.

Step 3: Add the blocks further, as shown in the image. You are putting these blocks as buttons.

LEGO lantern

Add button blocks

Step 4: Cover the glass lid.

Add glass cover

Step 5: Cover the large lid-like block.

Cover the top

Step 6: Your LEGO Lantern is ready.

How To Make A LEGO Lantern

LEGO lantern


.Focus on the following things to make a perfect lantern.

  • Fix blocks accurately.
  • Use dark color blocks.

And that’s it. Here’s your LEGO lantern all ready. I hope this blog on how to make a LEGO lantern would have helped you.


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