How To Make A LEGO Marble Run

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Lego helps us to switch our boring time to an interesting one. And, today we will again make an interesting Lego model. We will learn about how to make a Lego Marble Run.


Let us list down the supplies list that is required to make a Lego Marble Run.


Steps To Make A LEGO Marble Run

Step 1: The first step is to fix the Lego pieces one above the other.

Making the Base

Step 2: Now, repeat the same process simultaneously and continue attaching the Lego pieces.

Making a Pillar

Step 3: In the third step you have to attach a flexible Lego piece at the top which will help us to connect the other pieces.

Attaching a Connecting Piece

Step 4: In the following step, you have to attach the Lego pieces at the sides which will be the support for the flexible piece.

Fixing the Support Pieces

Step 5: Now, take other Lego pieces and fix them in the following manner.

Making Second End

Step 6: Cover the base with a smooth Lego piece and attach the connecting piece to one side.

Covering the Base

Step 7: Fix the supporting Lego pieces that will support it and it will be the ending base.

Fixing the Supporting Pieces

Step 8: Fix the lengthy Lego pieces together and then fix the tiny smooth sloping Lego pieces on it. This will be the bridge of our marble run.

Making the Bridge

Step 9: Attach this piece to one side of the pillar.

Attaching the Bridge

Step 10: Make one more slope and connect it with the initial slope or with the bridge. But in the middle make a small Lego box piece with the rings to attach. Then attach the second slope with it. Lastly, connect the second slope with the ending base.

Connecting Entire System

Step 11: The last step is to place the marble ball on the top and let it come down.

Lego Marble Run


  • If you want a lengthy marble run then we recommend you make three to four slopes.

Things To Remember

  • Make sure the bridge of the marble run is made up of connecting two Lego pieces and it is strong.


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