How To Make A LEGO Mobile Charge Station

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As we all know, we live in an era of technology and digitalization. Mobile phones are one of the most important things for all of us nowadays. This is why we are going to tell you how to make a LEGO Mobile Charge station.

What can be better than putting your mobile phones on charge at charge stations? So, let’s not wait any longer and have a glance at the tools and materials that we are going to need.


All you need is to get the following supplies to make your own Lego mobile charge station.


  • LEGO bricks of different sizes
  • Gripping rubbers

Steps To Make A LEGO Mobile Charge Station

You just need to follow the following easy steps, and you will be able to make an efficient mobile charge station using LEGO for yourself.

Step 1: Take a long LEGO brick and one a bit shorter than it and put them together.

Start making the base

Step 2: Add one LEGO square to each side to make it equal.

Attach two square bricks

Step 3: Get more LEGO pieces of the same size and put them on them.

Add another layer of LEGO bricks.

Step 4: Attach two rectangular LEGO bricks on both ends so that there’s a small square-shaped gap in between.

Attach two LEGO squares like this

Step 5: Now, put that base upside down and attach gripping rubbers on it so that your stand can be still.

Paste 4 gripping rubbers on the bottom

Step 6: Put another six LEGO squares together in a rectangular shape.

Put 6 Lego squares together

Step 7: Attach one sloping LEGO brick on both sides.

Attach sloping bricks on both sides

Step 8: Now, join both the pieces we made separately together.

Join the two pieces

Step 9: Get your charger, insert its data cable in the space, and put a long rectangular LEGO to ensure it stays in place.

Insert the charging pin

Step 10: Get more LEGO bricks and keep adding layers.

Put a layer on top

Step 11: Put the LEGO pieces one upon other so that your data cable’s pin can stand straight like this.

Keep adding layers to make the pin standstill.

Step 14: Add even more layers of LEGO bricks. Get two large sloping LEGO bricks and attach them.

Start making the support system for the mobile.

Step 15: Put that sloping LEGO piece on the base of your charging station at one side to act as the supporting system to your phone, and add one last layer of LEGO bricks.

Attach it on the top and add one more layer

Step 16: Get your phone and put it on charge as your LEGO mobile charge station is ready!

LEGO Mobile Charge Station

Your mobile charge station is ready


When making this LEGO mobile charge station, ensure that you follow each step carefully; otherwise, you won’t be able to make it perfect. So, as you know how to make a LEGO mobile charge station at home, let’s just get started!


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