How To Make A LEGO Napkin Box

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Want to know how to make a LEGO Napkin box? Read this blog to know everything about it.

So, as we all know, a napkin holder is a modest but important product that can be found everywhere from the house to the office, shops, aeroplanes, restaurants, and any other area where people gather. Furthermore, as we are adjusting to our new lifestyle of working from home and for ourselves, we come up with new ways to keep our hands clean and our lives a little easier.

And when these tissue box holders are set in the proper location, rinsing and drying become less frequent, and cleanliness becomes a way of life. Also, for mothers with little children, tissue box holders are a particularly practical solution. This one-time-use tissue, which is kept in the tissue holder box, is an essential self-care item. So, are you ready to make one for yourself with LEGO blocks? If yes, then just go on without any distraction.


You won’t be needing anything other than LEGO blocks.


Steps To Make A LEGO Napkin Box

Here are the simple steps to make a napkin holder from LEGO.

Step 1: Start with making a large base by fixing LEGO blocks. Use different colours to make it attractive.

Make a base

Step 2: Check the image below to see the logic behind the base. Make sure you’re adjusting the blocks in the same manner.

Tip to fix

Step 3: Start by adding a rectangular boundary with LEGO blocks.

Make a rectangular boundary

Step 4: Keep adding the layers to give your box a perfect height. Make sure to leave four openings on each side.

Start adjusting the blocks

Step 5: Cover the openings towards the end.

Leave four holes

Step 6: Decorate your box with other materials such as small toys etc.

Cover the top

Step 7: Put your napkin inside the box and ta-da. It’s all ready to use.

LEGO Napkin Box

LEGO Napkin Box


Here are the things to keep in mind while making this LEGO napkin holder with LEGO blocks.

  • Use as many colours as you can.
  • Fix every block nicely.
  • Make a large base so that it won’t be hard to insert the napkin box.

And that’s how you can make a napkin holder with simple playthings. Wow, it’s amazing to place on a table and bedpost, right? So, now that you know the steps get ready to make one. Hope this post on how to make a LEGO Napkin box would have helped you.


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