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A panda is always cute but have you wondered if we could make a panda using Lego pieces. Today, we will teach you how to make a Lego Panda. Let us begin.


Let us note down the supplies list to make a Lego Panda. They are as follows:


  • Lego Blocks
  • Lego Eyes

Steps To Make A LEGO Panda

Step 1: The first step is to attach a 2X3 flat brick under the 4X2 flat brick.

Attaching the Lego Bricks

Step 2: Now add 2X2 flat brick on top

Adding the Flat Brick on Top

Step 3: The next step is to connect a 2X4 flat brick with a 1X4 white flat brick and then a 1X2 white flat brick.

Connecting Flat Brick

Step 4: Now, keep a 1X4 white flat brick and then add 1X2 white brick on top.

Placing White Brick on Top

Step 5: Again, attach 1X2 white bricks.

Adding 1X2 White Brick

Step 6: Build the eyes as shown below.

Making Eyes

Step 7: Connect the eyes and face to the nose.

Connecting the Eyes

Step 8: Add one flat 2X4 brick to the backside of the head.

Adding the Backside

Step 9: Now, connect 1X3 white bricks followed by 1X4 white bricks and with two flat one stud white bricks.

Connecting the Backside

Step 10: Connect 2X2 white bricks, then a 1X2 white brick and add 1X2 white brick on the top side of the square brick. It will be the backside of the head.

Adding the Top Layer

Step 11: Now place a white 1X4 brick and a flat black coloured 1X4 brick.

Fixing the Black Brick

Step 12: Now, connect the flat 2×4 brick on the top of white and black coloured pieces. And then make two white structures as displayed.

Fixing the Flat Piece

Step 13: Let’s start making the body by using 4X8 Lego pieces.

Making the Body

Step 14: Now, add white and black coloured bricks as shown below.

Adding white and Black Pieces

Step 15: The next step is to attach two white coloured 2X4 flat Lego bricks.

Attaching White Lego Bricks

Step 16: Gently fix the head to the body.

Fixing the Body

Step 17: Connect the white 2X4 brick on its top and attach two flat 1X4 black bricks and two flat 1X4 white bricks.

Connecting the Bricks

Step 18: Fix three 2X4 white Lego bricks.

Fix Three Lego Bricks

Step 19: Add one more white bricks layer. We have used 2X2 sloped bricks pieces, and these will be the tops of the legs.

Adding One More Layer

Step 20: Connect the slope pieces and back to make the back of the panda.

Connecting the Slope Pieces

Step 21: Use the flat Lego pieces and give a proper shape to the back.

Shaping the Back

Step 22: Now, take the black and white Lego pieces and fix them in the following manner.

Fixing the Black and White Pieces

Step 23: Assemble this piece, and this will be our front leg.

Assembling the Pieces

Step 24: Simultaneously, build the remaining legs and attach them.

Making the Legs

Step 25: The last step is to place the panda on a green Lego base and decorate it.

Lego Panda


  • You can connect the Lego eyes


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