How To Make A LEGO Pen Holder

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Do you want to learn how to make a LEGO pen holder? If yes, then read the blog completely. So, nothing is perfect without a vivid and attractive pen holder to carry all of your prized pens, whether it’s on your home or workplace desk. The pen holder is a thing that is used to keep a pen, pencil, or other tiny still image safe. As we all know, Pen holders come in a variety of shapes. Having a pen holder on your desk is essential as it makes your table look nice. The pen holder helps to keep your desk tidy and organized. You can use any object you choose, but this pen holder is robust, attractive, and easy to use in the office. And what if you can use LEGO blocks to use this? You heard it right.

Yes, a LEGO pen holder is possible. Furthermore, children benefit much from the use of LEGO. Lego’s true learning potential rests in its open-ended nature. Lego is not a toy that serves only one purpose. A package of mixed Legos is one of the few items that can get your creative juices flowing. Children must consider what to create, how to build it, and then figure out how to bring what they’ve imagined to life. Manipulating the little blocks necessitates a high level of expertise and finger control. As a result, Lego is a wonderful fine motor exercise for developing fine motor coordination and strengthening the small muscles of the hand in your child.


Arrange the LEGO blocks, and that’s it.


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Steps To Make A LEGO Pen Holder

Read the steps carefully, and you’ll be holding a LEGO pen holder in your hands.

Step 1: Take a LEGO block. Choose a dark color base.

Start with a 4×4 base

Step 2: Start building the holder. Fix blocks on one another.

Pen Holder

Add up layer

Step 3: Continue making the boundary. Choose similar color blocks.

How To Make A LEGO Pen Holder

Make boundary

Step 4: Stop when you feel the height is good enough to keep a pen and pencils.

LEGO Pen Holder

Make a plain top

Step 5: And here’s your pen holder, ready.

How To Make A LEGO Pen Holder

LEGO Pen Holder


Keep in mind these things while using LEGO blocks.

  • Make sure to adjust blocks accurately.
  • Make sure to use good colors.

And that’s enough. You’ll have a beautiful pen holder ready to place on your tabletop. I hope this blog on how to make a LEGO pen holder would have helped you understand the simple process of adjusting blocks.


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