How To Make A LEGO Santa Claus

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Christmas is famous for Santa Claus, and no doubt you might have seen various types of Santa Claus. Some might be made up of paper, or some models, statues and many more. But have you imagined a Santa Claus made up of Lego blocks? Today, we will teach you how to make a Lego Santa Claus. Let us begin.


In the article’s next section, let us list the supplies required to make a Lego Santa Claus. They are as follows:


  • Red Coloured Lego Blocks
  • White Coloured Lego Blocks
  • Tan Lego Plates
  • Lego Eyes
  • Lego Plates

Steps To Make A LEGO Santa Claus

Step 1: Place a 2X4 white Lego plate and two 1X2 white Lego plates and one 2X2 Tan Lego plate.

Placing the Lego Plates

Step 2: Next, you have to connect three small plates under the 2×4 Lego plate.

Connecting the Lego Plates

Step 3: Now gently connect two 1X2 white Lego bricks and one 1X2 Tan Lego brick along with two studs on the side.

Connecting the Lego Bricks

Step 4: You have to fix one red 1X2 Lego plate and then fix two white coloured 1X1 Lego plates on the underside of the 1×4 white Lego plate.

Fixing the Lego Plate Underside

Step 5: Then, fix two 1X2 inverted Lego slopes underside in the following manner.


Fixing the Lego Slopes Underside

Step 6: Fix the two sections and connect eyes to them. Later gather the bricks in the following manner and build Santa Claus’s hat.

Making the Santa Claus Face

Step 7: The next step is to fix the two 1X4 Lego plates and place two 2X2 Lego slopes on the top of Santa Calus’s head.

Making the Top of Santa’s Face

Step 8: In the following step, fix one 1X3 Lego Slope and one 1X1 white coloured round Lego plate on the top of the hat.

Making the Top Section of Hat

Step 9: Rotate the Santa’s head and attach two 1X2 inverted slopes as its back.

Adding the Inverted Slopes ad Back

Step 10: Now, gather the following Lego bricks and let us start building Santa Claus’s suit or body.

Arranging the Lego Bricks

Step 11: Attach the bricks in the following manner as displayed below.

Stacking the Bricks

Step 12: In the next step, place one 2X6 Lego plate. And on top of that, fix two 2X2 Lego plates and then add four 1X1 Lego slopes. Lastly, add one 1X4 Lego plate.

Making the Santa Body

Step 13: Gently fix the head on the top of Santa Claus’s body.

Fixing the Santa’s Body

Step 14: Take two 1X1 red coloured Lego bricks, take two 1X2 black plates, and arrange them in the following manner. These will be the legs of the Santa Claus. Later we will make the arms by connecting two 1X1 red Lego bricks and one 1X1 white Lego plate.

Making Santa’s Arms and Legs

Step 15: The last step is to attach the arms and legs to Santa Calus’s body. And finally, your Lego Santa Claus is ready.

Lego Santa Claus


  • If you cannot get the Lego eyes for your Santa Claus, we recommend you draw the eyes on paper and then stick it on the Santa Claus.
  • You can also take the printout of the eyes design and stick it on the Santa Claus.

Things To Remember

  • Make sure you read all the steps and follow them stepwise while preparing the Lego Santa Claus.
  • If you are sticking your eyes on Santa Claus, then apply the glue appropriately.
  • Make sure you let the eyes dry for some minutes.


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