How To Make A LEGO Sewing Machine

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Lego blocks help us to explore our creative skills, and in our previous articles, we have made several items with the help of Lego blocks. We have made decorative items or some items that can help children learn. But have you wondered if you can prepare household items using Lego blocks? Yes, you can make it. So, today, we will teach you how to make a Lego Sewing Machine. Let us begin.


After looking at today’s agenda, it is now time to prepare the list of supplies. So, let us note down the list of supplies that are required to make a Lego sewing machine. The list is as follows:


  • Glue
  • Toy Hammer


  • Lego Blocks
  • Lego Pieces
  • Handle
  • Lego 608101

Steps To Make A LEGO Sewing Machine

Step 1: Start by assembling these Lego blocks on a flat surface or the table in the following manner.

Placing the Lego Pieces

Step 2: Then connect all these Lego pieces.

Connecting the Lego Pieces

Step 3: Now, you have to fill up the small space under the half-round brick.

Filling the Small Gap

Step 4: For that, you have to fix the small Lego pieces below it.

Fixing the Small Blocks

Step 5: Gently fix these blocks, and one section is completed.

Fixed Shapes

Step 6: Once you have built these structures, connect them as shown below.

Building the Sewing Machine Structure

Step 7: Now, the next step is to assemble the following pieces and then create a throat plate.

Making a Throat Plate

Step 8: Once you are done fixing these throat plates in the following manner and then connect these pieces, which are kept on the right side.

Fixing the Throat Plate

Step 9: In the following step, connect these three pieces, which we kept on the right side.

Connecting the Lego Pieces

Step 10: Simultaneously, connect the remaining two pieces to the same blocks stacked on top.

Attaching Remaining Pieces

Step 11: Now, continue adding these three pieces. Basically, it is a flywheel that will rotate.

Fixing the Axle on the Sewing Machine

Step 12: Now, connect all the pieces in the following manner.

Connecting the Axle of the Sewing Machine

Step 13: In the next step let us assemble the following three pieces which will be the pressure foot. We have used a small hammer too.

Making a Pressure Foot

Step 14: Connect these Lego pieces and then assemble the pressure foot

Connecting Lego Pieces and Assembling Pressure Foot

Step 15: Once you attach the presser foot, add the precarious and stick it according to your wish.

Attaching the Pressure Foor and Precarious

Step 16: Now, fix the small flat Lego pieces on the top

Attaching Flat Lego Pieces as Cover

Step 17: Make some decorative pieces such as buttons to highlight the sewing machine.

Making the Buttons and Highlights

Step 18: The last step is to stick all these decorative pieces on the machine, and your electronic sewing machine is ready.

Fixing all the Buttons on the Lego Sewing Machine


  • We recommend tracing the buttons early or taking a printout of them and sticking it on the sewing machine.
  • We recommend you first read the entire article and learn all the steps before making the Lego sewing machine.

Things To Remember

  • We recommend you stick all the pieces appropriately.
  • Before making the buttons and other decorative items, make sure you measure them.


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