How To Make A LEGO Shark

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In our previous articles, we have learned about how to make multiple animals by using Lego blocks. And in today’s article, we will teach you how to make a Lego Shark.


Let us note down the supplies list to make a Lego shark.


  • Lego Bricks
  • Pins
  • Lego Pieces

Steps To Make A LEGO Shark

Step 1: The first step is to make a 4X8 white Lego plate.

Making the Lego Plate

Step 2: The second step is to connect six 2X2 white inverted Lego slopes, then four 1X2 white inverted slopes, one 2X6 white brick and one 2X2 white brick.

Connecting the Slopes

Step 3: Now, fix two 4X4 dark grey plates and then add two 3X6 grey wedge plates.

Fixing the Grey Plates

Step 4: Place 2X4 dark grey Lego bricks and then add one 2X3 dark grey Lego slope.

Fixing the Slope

Step 5: Again, add one 2X4 dark grey Lego plate and one 1X4 dark grey plate.

Adding Slope and Plate

Step 6: Connect one 1X4 dark grey plate, one 2X2 dark grey plate and two 1X1 black round Lego plates which will be the eyes.

Connecting the Lego Plate

Step 7: Prepare the front side of the face as shown below.

Preparing the Front Face

Step 8: Place one 2X6 dak grey plate and one 2X4 dark grey plate on the shark’s top. Secondly, attach four 1X2 Lego plates and a stud on the top. Now, make the lower jaw by using 1×4 white Lego plates, 1X2 light grey plates, and two clips. Then use a 1X2 white plate with a handle, followed by a 2X4 white wedge plate and attach four 1X1 white plates.

Making the Lower Jaw

Step 9: Now, fix the lower jaw to the shark’s body.

Fixing the Lower Jaw

Step 10: Now, fix two 1X2 Lego slopes and two bricks which will be the dorsal fin. Then attach one 1X2 grey Lego plate and the handle and one 1X2 grey place with clips on every side.

Making the Body

Step 11: Now, rotate the shark down and then gather the bricks as shown below.

Gathering the Bricks

Step 12: Now, attach one 1X2 dark grey plate along with a ball on the side available at the tail, and it will hold the tail of the shark. Then place a 1X2 white plate and simultaneously add 2X2 white brick followed by a 2X2 white plate.

Fixing the Lego Pieces

Step 13: The next step is to assemble the tail, as shown below.

Assembling the Pieces

Step 14: The last step is attaching the tail using clips.

Lego Shark

Things To Remember

  • Make sure you fix all the Lego pieces appropriately


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