How To Make A LEGO Tensegrity Structure

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Want to learn how to make a LEGO tensegrity structure? If yes, then let’s begin with a brief definition of the same.

So, do you know what tensegrity means? Or, are you aware of what this structure is all about? Well, we’ll get into it just now, so keep reading this blog.

Tensegrity is a combination of the words “tension” and “integrity.” Buckminster Fuller coined the word, based on Kenneth Snelson’s extremely original sculptures, to highlight that the structure’s integrity was derived from the equilibrium of tension components rather than compression struts. The cell is modelled as a mechanically robust structure made up of compression-bearing pillars and tension-bearing wires in the tensegrity paradigm. To maintain mechanical balance, the cables generate an original pre-stress in the cell model, which is countered by the pillars. Sounds amazing, right?

Although there might be kids who can feel this is a bit confusing. For those kids, we’re here with this tutorial on how to make the same Tensegrity structure from LEGO bricks to better understand the whole process. Continue reading if this topic interests you, and learn the simple steps in a few minutes.


Collect the below-written materials to make a Tensegrity model from LEGO Bricks.


Steps To Make A LEGO Tensegrity Structure

Step 1: Arrange LEGO blocks/bricks in one place.

Collect bricks

Step 2: Take a big block. Use it as a base. Then make a long tower stand with small bricks. Once you’re done, add another big brick to it.

Make a stand

Step 3: Insert two more bricks from the sides.

Add two bricks opposite to each other

Step 4: Repeat the same steps and make another tower.

Make another stand

Step 5: Your model should look something like shown in the image below.

Two similar stands

Step 6: Add a big brick to the second tower.

Insert another block

Step 7: Now that’s how you can understand his model structure.


Step 8: The second tower showed gravity.


Step 9: And with the help of a thread, you can read how equilibrium works.


Step 10: Use thread and tie the parts as shown in the image. And that’s it.

How To Make A LEGO Tensegrity Structure

LEGO Tensegrity Structure


Keep in mind these things:

  • Use different colours to make different sets.
  • Use thread neatly, or it’ll be messy for you to understand how the model works.

Sounds perfect, isn’t it? Now that you know how you can easily understand the whole process of tensegrity, give this piece of the tutorial a quick try. Hope this blog has helped you understand how to make a LEGO tensegrity structure.


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