How To Make A LEGO Yoda

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Lego helps us to make our favourite characters and enjoy with them. So, in today’s article, we will teach you how to make a Lego Yoda.


Let us note down the supplies list required to make Lego Yoda.


  • Lego Blocks
  • Lego Slopes
  • Eyes

Steps To Make A LEGO Yoda

Step 1: The first step is to connect two 2X4 Lego pieces.

Connecting Lego Pieces

Step 2: The second step is to add 2X4 Lego pieces on top and once again connect 2X6 Lego plates on top of it.

Adding Lego Pieces

Step 3: Now, add one layer of the bricks

Making a Layer

Step 4: Take one 2X4 green coloured plate and then gently fix the black coloured 2X4 plate. Then again, add more 2X4 green plates.

Adding Black Plate

Step 5: On the top, add one 2X2 brick in the middle and then connect to 1X2 plates on every side. Now, again 1X1 bricks are connected with the stud at one side. Get the eyes and two 1X1 round plates on which you will attach every eye.

Making Eyes

Step 6: In this step, fix the eyes, and now it’s time to build the face sides. Every section is made up of 1X3 brick and a 1X2 curved shape Lego piece.

Fixing Eyes

Step 7: Now, connect the sides of the face.

Making Side Face

Step 8: Let us begin with Yoda’s head, and we should begin the step by shaping and adding two layers of Lego pieces.

Making Yoda’s Head

Step 9: Connect two 1X1 bricks and then attach 2X4 Lego plates between them

Attaching Additional Blocks

Step 10: Now, connect 1X2 slope pieces and then add one 1X2 brick.

Adding Slope

Step 11: Connect two 1X2 slopes, then add one 1X1 brick piece, followed by one 1X2 plate as displayed below.

Connecting the Slope

Step 12: Now, attach both sides to the head.

Attaching the Sides to Head

Step 13: The next step is to fix the front side of the head.

Fixing the Front Side of the Head

Step 14: Now, make the further section by connecting one 2X4 plate, four 1X2 slopes and one 1X2 lego brick.

Making the Head

Step 15: Now, add this head back of the eyes.

Attaching the Head

Step 16: It’s time to make the ears, and you can make them by connecting the Lego pieces in the following manner.

Making the Ears

Step 17: Attach this section on the head.

Attaching Ears

Step 18: Let us connect the Lego pieces and make the lower side of Yoda.

Making the Lower Side

Step 19: Add some additional layers.

Making Additional Layers

Step 20: Add a 2X2 green coloured Lego piece on both sides.

Making the Eyes

Step 21: Now, shape the arms using 1X2 brown coloured Lego slopes, then create a v-shaped neck. And then shape the body.

Making the Neck and Body

Step 22: The next step is to add 2X4 green coloured plates as the feet on the bottom side. Then add a 2X6 tan plate on the back to balance the feet.

Making Feets

Step 23: The last step is to fix the head on the body.

Lego Yoda

Things To Remember

  • Make sure you follow all the steps appropriately


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