How To Make A Light-Tracking Robot

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You have seen several pages describing the light following robot. But have you ever thought you could also develop that robot quickly? Thus, in today’s article, we will learn about how to make a light-tracking robot.


Let us look at the list of supplies required for this project. They are as follows:


  • AAA battery 4x / 6v power supply
  • Veri board
  • BC337 / 2n2222 Npn transistor 2x *
  • LDR (photo-resistor) 2x *
  • Gear motor 2x
  • Wheel 2x (compatible with the motor)
  • Rotary wheel (Third wheel)


  • Battery Holder
  • Double-Sided Tape
  • Scissors
  • Torch

Steps To Make A Light-Tracking Robot

Step 1: Take the Vero board and then attach the motors with the help of double-sided tape

Adding motors on Vero board

Adding motors on Vero board

Step 2: The following step is to prepare a circuit diagram.

Preparing a Circuit Diagram

Preparing a Circuit Diagram

Step 3: Now, take a piece of  Veroboard and then solder all your components slowly and carefully on that. Place the LDR’s leg long as they will play the role of antenna.

Placing LDR’s

Placing LDR’s

Step 4: Add the sensor to the robot’s body by using double-sided tape. Now, connect the suitable motor to the left sensor and connect the left motor to the suitable sensor. Finally, add a power source by using 4 AAA/ AA cells or with the help of a 3 to 7.4v power supply.

Adding Sensor and Power Source

Adding Sensor and Power Source

Step 5: The last step is to keep the torch in front of the car and turn it on. You will notice the robot will track the light.

How To Make A Light-Tracking Robot Science Project

Light Tracking Robot


  • We recommend you to use your old toys with wheels as chassis rather than using a Vero board.

Things To Remember

  • If you notice the motor turns towards the opposite direction, then simply swap and adjust its wires.
  • In this experiment, you should never forget the left sensor will control the right side motor. Simultaneously the right sensor will control the left side motor.




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