How To Make A Liquid Magnet Science Model

by | Nov 21, 2021 | Physics, Science

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This tutorial will show how to perform a liquid magnet science model at home for a science exhibition project. This experiment shows you how liquid impacts magnetic attraction when metal is inside water and magnet is outside.


First, we will have to gather all these readily available materials to start with our project.


  • Glass
  • Water
  • Magnet
  • Iron material (iron nail, safety pins)

Steps To Make A Liquid Magnet Science Model

Step 1: First, take a glass filled with water and keep it on a flat surface.

flat surface

Step 2: Next, dip all the iron material into the water you have arranged( iron nail, metal ring, safety pins).


Step 3: Take a magnet and bring it closer to the outer surface of the glass by touching the glass surface.

the glass

Step 4: You’ll observe that all the iron material inside the water will attract the magnet and stick to the glass’s inside surface at the bottom.

the bottom

Step 5: Now slowly move the magnet to the top of the glass. Then, all the iron material will move up with interest.

with interest

Liquid Magnet Experiment For Science Exhibition Project 


The liquid-magnet experiment helps students to learn about liquid-magnet interaction.

This homemade liquid magnet science model is done using materials like glass, water, magnet, and iron material which is readily available at home at a low cost. This experiment can be used for Science fair projects.



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