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If we ask you whether you like playing games or not, what would your answer be? Well, most of you will say yes. We know that games are the quickest way to relieve stress and get some entertainment. Whenever you feel bored or low, you take out your phone to play a game or play some other offline game, right? This is why we will learn how to make a magnetic dartboard today.

Do you like playing board games or some other outdoor games? We assume many of you might be interested in dart games. It is quite interesting to take aim and play dart games with our friends and siblings. The feeling of trying to win over others in a dart game is always overwhelming.

You must have some people in your friend circle who are exceptional in aiming dartboards. Do you also like playing a magnetic dartboard game? You can make make a magnetic dartboard at home on your own. Yes, you don’t have to spend your pocket money purchasing a magnetic dartboard, as you can make one yourself.

Let us look at all the necessary supplies and get started with making a magnetic dartboard.


Collect the following materials and tools, and you are ready to go.


  • Silhouette cutting machine
  • Scissors


  • Vinyl rolls
  • Vinyl transfer paper
  • A metal disc (around 16 inches in diameter)
  • Squeegee
  • Silhouette studio on your computer

Steps To Make Magnetic Dart Board

You have to follow the given steps correctly, and you will be able to make a magnetic dartboard yourself.

Step 1: Open the silhouette studio and set the dimensions of your project correctly as per the vinyl you have.

Set the dimensions

Step 2: Go to the cut settings, choose the material type as vinyl and adjust the blade depth. Turn the silhouette machine on, plug it into your computer, and add vinyl to it so that it starts cutting. So cut 10 of one color and 10 of another color.

Cut the vinyl

Step 3: Peel off the vinyl and start pasting them on the metal disc one by one. Make sure to paste alternative colors like one color and then the other, and repeat this process until the whole disc is covered. Remove all the bubbles with the help of a squeegee.

Paste them on the disc

Step 4: Now, download the double and triple rings file and cut them out. Peel them off and paste them the same way on the disc. Keep in mind that the bigger ones are for double rings, and the smaller ones are for triple rings and remove the bubbles.

Paste the double and triple rings

Step 5: Cut two circles, one a bit bigger than the other and both of different colors, to use as a bullseye.

Make the bullseye

Step 6: Cut out numbers from 1 to 20 and paste them the right way. You are ready with your magnetic dartboard.

Magnetic Dartboard


  • Be careful: When you are making this magnetic dartboard, you will need some basic knowledge about using the silhouette studio and how to use vinyl transfer papers. Make sure to handle sharp instruments with extreme caution.

Now you know how to make a magnetic dartboard, you can gather all the necessary items, make one for yourself, and play with your friends.


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