How To Make A Magnetic Levitation Science Model

by | Nov 21, 2021 | Physics, Science

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In this tutorial, we will show you how to build a magnetic levitation science model at home for your Science experiment. When the object is suspended with no support other than the magnetic field is gold magnetic levitation. It helps to provide lifting weights.


First, let us gather all the essential supplies that will be required to make this science project


Steps To Make A Magnetic Levitation Science Model

Step 1: First, take a rectangular-shaped Thermocol and stick two circular magnets to the ends of the rectangular Thermocol with the help of a glue gun. Make sure that both magnets are attached to the same pole.

glue gun

Step 2: With the help of a sketch pen, create a hole at the center of the Thermocol between magnets and stand the sketch pen firmly in that hole.

in that hole

Step 3: Now, place two more magnets to the Thermocol and create a central hole on another Thermocol and make sure to attach two more magnets to it.

manages to it

Step 4: Drop the second rectangular Thermocol on the first Thermocol by passing through a sketch pen.

sketch pen

You’ll observe that both rectangular pieces will not stick to each other, and there will be a small hole between magnets; this is known as “Magnetic Levitation”.

Magnetic Levitation Science Experiment For Science Fair


  • The magnetic levitation science model helps students to learn about how it works.
  • This homemade science experiment is done by using readily available material at home at a low cost.



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