How To Make A Marble Drop Game Board

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Are you looking for a post where you can learn how to make a marble drop game board? Umm… if it’s true, then you are at the right place. Yes, today, you’ll learn the simple steps to create your marble drop board.

We all know that the days of kids running around in their backyards, gathering their neighborhood pals, and playing anything under the sun for hours on end are long gone. And playing with marbles was one of the most popular games among children. But now, it’s difficult to keep kids in one place without providing them with a phone or a tablet.

But you can make your kid leave these devices if you have a marble at your home. Well, yes, you just need to collect a few basic materials, and you can make your own board where your kids can play with marble. With just one toy – marble runs – you can bring back simpler days and limit your child’s screen usage.

Quickly read this post and learn these steps to make your kids’ childhood more interesting and fun.


Collect these supplies to make a marble drop game board.


  • Scissors


Steps To Make A Marble Drop Game Board

Are you done with gathering materials? If yes, then your half work is done. Yes, you heard it right because the only thing you need to do is follow these mentioned steps carefully.

Step 1: Take cardboard (rectangular) and colored paper. Make sure your cardboard is thick, as you’ll be using it as a base.


Step 2: Cover the cardboard with colored paper. Use enough glue.

Cover the cardboard

Step 3: Take a pencil and draw straight lines on the cardboard. Use a ruler to mark lines.

Draw straight lines

Step 4: Now, take another piece of cardboard and cut 4 straps. You have to make borders from those straps. Then attach it with the help of glue.

Add borders

Step 5: Use and cut straws. Then paste them on the cardboard. It should look something like this. You can use the internet to check the games’ templates. Then it’ll be easier for you.

Use straws

Step 6: Once you’re done. Use marbles and play this game.

Marble Drop Game


  • Measure correctly: Make sure the measure is taken correctly so that it fits right into place.

Well, the steps are amazing and super easy. So, if you love this marble drop game and want to know how to make a marble drop game board, this post is for you.


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