How To Make A Modern Oak Coffee Table

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We all love coffee tables, but we never imagined making them. So, in today’s tutorial about how to make a modern oak coffee table. You can use your imagination and prepare a coffee table according to your requirements. So, let us begin.


Below are the supplies you have to gather before making a modern oak coffee table. They are as follows:


  • Cutter
  • Blade
  • Saw
  • Pencil
  • Cord Drill


Steps To Make A Modern Oak Coffee Table

Step 1: The first step is to mark the dimensions on the wood according to the requirement and then cut the wood.

Marking and Cutting the Wood.

Step 2: Mark the tenons and start cutting.

Marking and Cutting Tenons

Step 3: Then cut the tenon from the middle.

Cutting the Tenon from Middle

Step 4: Now, precisely mark the cuts for making the tabletop carriers and slowly fit the pieces together.

Marking the Cuts and Fitting them Together

Step 5: Now, take a wooden piece and make a cut-out from the middle as it will hold the table and will be the connector between the two pieces.

Cutting Out the Wooden Piece from the Middle

Step 6: The following step is to mark the cut-out for the wedge, which will connect the middle piece to the legs.

Marking the Cut-Out for Wedge

Step 7: Once the marking is done, chop it.

Cutting the Piece

Step 8: Take two small wooden blocks and mark square stripes on them.

Marking Square Stripes on Wooden Blocks

Step 9: Now, use a cord drill and sandpaper to turn them around.

Making Curves

Step 10: Now, assemble the leg pieces, drill the holes and place the dowels inside.

Assembling the Dowels

Step 11: The next step is to measure all the pieces and countercheck that all the legs fit in the grooves.

Counterchecking the Measurements

Step 12: The following step is to install a wooden piece and cut the dovetail groove.

Cutting the Wooden Piece for Table Top

Step 13: The last step is to apply finishing to all the pieces and assemble them.

Surface Finishing and Final Assembly

Modern Oak Coffee Table

Things To Remember

  • Make sure you mark all the markings appropriately
  • Make sure you wear all the safety gears


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