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Want to know how to make a paper basket? Well, if yes, then read this post quickly. So, crafting is a time-consuming pastime. Some folks even dedicate entire rooms to keeping their varied goods in their homes. The simplicity of papermaking is what makes it so appealing. Consider how easy it is to obtain a piece of paper. Then, once you’ve got your hands on the raw ingredients, you’ll be amazed at what you can make.

Paper crafts include Origami, folding paper flowers, scrapping, card creation, quilling, bookbinding, etc. Anything that allows you to create with paper while also reaping the benefits of using it tactilely.

Let’s talk about paper baskets now. We all know how necessary baskets are for us. And what if you can create paper baskets for some of your things? It’s amazing and fun, right? Also, we are aware of how plastic baskets are not in use nowadays due to environmental consequences. So, isn’t it great if you could make baskets from paper? It’s recyclable and easy to dispose of. So, hurry up and gather these materials.


Once you’ve determined that you want to make paper baskets, Get up and collect these basic materials.



  • Square paper
  • Glue

Steps To Make A Paper Basket

Step 1: Take out a square sheet. Make lines and mark what all you are supposed to cut. It’ll be easy for you to make a basket then. First, divide the sheet into three sections from both sides.

Square sheet

Step 2: Cut the marked lines. You are supposed to cut from the middle. Don’t remove the whole middle section.

Cut the lines

Step 3: It should look something like shown in the image. Press it a bit to make the posture of a basket.

Cut from middle

Step 4: Now, take a pin and join the two sides first. Then, join the other two sides. You can use tape or glue. Or even staplers can be used. Make sure the base is stuck together.

Join the sides

Step 5: And here’s your paper basket, ready.

Paper basket

Paper Basket


  • Make nice creases: You should make smooth creases to make your art piece look beautiful and the same.

And your paper basket is already. You can use it to carry light materials. Also, to store some things. You can place these baskets on your Bedpost or tabletop filled with necessary items.

I hope this post on How To Make A Paper Basket would have helped you.


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