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Hey, what is the purpose of a piece of paper? The list could go on indefinitely. There’s nothing you can’t create with paper. Why not try something a little more unique and visually appealing this time? That’s right, you read it accurately. So, how about being creative and doing something completely different? You may learn how to make a paper birthday cake at home by following these steps.


Preparing it is simple if you have all of the necessary items. To make your own handcrafted paper birthday cake box at home, you’ll need the following materials:



  • Paper straws
  • Colored sheet
  • Crepe paper

Steps To Make A Paper Birthday Cake

When you’ve assembled your materials, let’s get underway on making a paper birthday cake box. Creating ait is an easy process if you follow the directions thoughtfully:

Step 1: Firstly, take a colored sheet and cut out two pieces of 3 by 11 length. Then, crease out one lengthy edge from about 0.5 inches from the corner using a scale.

Cut out strips

Step 2: Now, scissors make cuts on the creased section, every single being about 0.25 in width. Crease them as well so that they get folded easily later on.

Make small cuts

Step 3: Roll up both of the strips, overlapping corners at around 0.5 inches. However, make sure that one rolled strip is slightly bigger than the other one so that it can fit inside the other one. Then, trace out the bigger circle on a colored sheet and cut out the piece. For the smaller one, cut out a circle slightly bigger than its size as it would provide the base. Glue them to secure.

Cut the base

Step 4: Take the crepe paper and cut out two long sheets to fence the circle. Stretch them out and make small cuts on them on both sides. As shown in the image, stick the crepe strip to the circle’s top and base. Now, take the paper straws and cut them short. Take another yellow-colored crepe and cut it out into a small size. It would provide for the candle flames. Stretch it a bit and paste it inside the straw.

Decorate the sides

Step 5: Stick the candles on top, make a label, and stick it up at the front. Put up the cake and cover it. Your paper birthday cake box is all ready to be presented.

Paper Birthday Cake


  • Use sharp equipment carefully: Be careful while using the scissors, etc., as they can cause serious cuts and injuries.

You’ve already found out how to create such an incredible work of art. It’s not only gorgeous, but it’s also almost free. Learning alone, however, is not enough. You can play around and explore your creativity with it as much as possible. Now it’s up to you to come up with new ideas. Following these basic directions, you’ll be able to figure out how to make a paper birthday cake. So seize the opportunity and wait to see what develops.


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