How To Make A Paper Flower Monogram

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Are you thinking of doing some papercraft but confused about what to do? The list could go on indefinitely. There’s nothing you can’t create with paper. This time, why not try something a little more decorative? That’s right, you read it accurately. Everyone desires to enhance the appearance of their home. So, how about being creative and trying something new? Learn how to make a paper flower monogram at home by following these directions.


Crafting it is simple if you have all of the necessary ingredients. To make your own customized paper flower monogram at home, you’ll need the following components:



  • Patterned sheet
  • Crepe paper
  • Box

Steps To Make A Paper Flower Monogram

Then when you’ve acquired your materials, let’s get going on crafting a paper flower monogram. Making it is straightforward if you follow the directions thoroughly:

Step 1: Firstly, take any box cover that is rectangular in shape. Apply glue to its inside thoroughly. Now, take a beautifully patterned sheet and cut it in the shape of the box. Stick the sheet inside the box and let it dry.

Stick the sheet

Step 2: Now, take a crepe paper strip of various colors. Take one strip, fold it in a small shape about 4 to 5 times, and cut it out. Give it the shape of a petal. Now, similarly, fold 3 more pieces but in smaller shapes and cut them out. You can have a beautiful backdrop to get clicked? Today, we will tell you how to make a paper poppy backdrop.

Cut the petals

Step 3: After you’re done cutting the petals, take pieces of similar color and paste them up together so that the bigger piece is on the outer side, being smaller ones inside one after another. Glue them up to secure.

Glue them together

Step 4: Follow the steps to make more flowers of different shapes and colors. This will increase the beauty of the monogram.

Create more flowers

Step 5: Now, take the rectangular box and sketch out the things or letters you wanna write. Arrange the flowers in a beautiful manner, as shown in the image.

Arrange the flowers

Step 6: Your paper flower monogram is ready to beautify your room.

Paper Flower Monogram


  • Be aware while working with sharp objects: Look carefully while using scissors or other equipment since even a slight distraction can cause serious cuts or injuries.

You’ve now found out how to create such incredible artwork. It’s not only beautiful, but it’s also fairly priced. Learning alone, however, is incomplete. You’re allowed to play around with it as much as you want. It’s now up to you to come up with new ideas. Following these basic directions, you’ll be able to learn how to make a paper flower monogram. So take advantage of the situation and wait to see what occurs.


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