How To Make A Paper Flower Wreath

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Hey, have you ever wondered what you could make with paper? The list goes on and on. There’s not a single thing you can’t create with paper. This time, how about something a little more decorative? Yes, you heard me right. Everyone wants to decorate their house. So how about being creative and trying out something absolutely new? Here’s how to make a Paper Flower Wreath at home using these instructions.


It’s simple to make if you have all of the necessary components on hand. To make your handmade paper Flower wreath at home, you will need the following items:



  • Colored Papers
  • Circular base
  • Hook
  • Templates

Steps To Make A Paper Flower Wreath

Let’s just get going on making a paper Flower wreath when you’ve assembled your ingredients. Creating a paper Flower wreath is a straightforward undertaking if you follow the directions carefully:

Step 1: Firstly, take some colored paper and make different flowers like daisies and sunflowers, as shown in the image. Users may also use templates to create the flowers.

Make flowers

Step 2: Making paper leaves and gathering flowers are the next steps. Using green craft sheets, sketch and cut out all the leaf motifs. Use a store-bought wreath frame or make your own out of cardstock paper. Assemble all the flower arrangements and foliage and place the foundation on a level area.

Attach flowers to the base

Step 3: Spread glue to the bottom of the flowers and adhere them to the base. Position the flowers on the base in a pleasing manner, attempting to cover as much of the bottom as feasible with paper flowers.

Fill the gaps

Step 4: Place leaves in between flowers to cover any gaps. You can use as many origami leaves as you’d like. Add a holding gadget to the reverse of the wreath and display it on a wall after it’s finished.

Paper Flower Wreath


  • Be attentive with sharp objects: Keep your eyes open while using the scissors etc., as slight distraction can cause serious cuts and injuries etc.

As of now, you have already learned how to create such an amazing piece of work. It’s not just beautiful but cheap at the same time. But just learning isn’t enough. You are free to try it out on your own. It’s now up to you to come up with new ideas. Following these simple instructions, you finally know how to make a paper flower wreath. So grab the chance and see what happens next.


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