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Want to learn how to make a paper flying puppet? Well, you’re reading the right thing if it’s a yes. But let’s read a bit about origami craft.

So, we all are aware that Origami helps people develop various talents. For example, good eye-hand coordination, focus, tolerance, timing ability, processing capacity, math skills, etc. And the application of these abilities significantly improves minds and thinking abilities. The reason for this is that the entire brain is stimulated.

According to research, Origami helps kids develop their cognitive patterns and coordination skills, especially in elementary school. It’s a game that’s both entertaining and educational. So, why not encourage your kids to indulge in origami crafts. So, if you’re a parent reading this post, pass it to your kids.

Here’s how you can make a beautiful origami flying puppet.


To make a flying puppet out of paper, you need these materials.


  • Scissors


  • Black chart paper
  • Colors
  • Glue
  • Blue chart paper

Steps To Make A Paper Flying Puppet

Once you’re done gathering the necessary material, it’s all about following the below-written steps.

Step 1: Take out the black chart. Cut it in a rectangular shape. With the blue chart, make two straps and two small triangles. Then, make two eyes.

Cut of pieces

Step 2: Now, take the sheet. Fold it in a triangle. You’ll have two right-angle triangles and one rectangular strap when you do that. Then cut the marked line as shown in the image.

Cut the marked line

Step 3: Use one piece and cut two circles out of it.

Cut two circles

Step 4: Paste the other piece just like shown in the image.

Join them together

Step 5: Paste circles on one side of the strap. Make sure you’re pasting it on both sides.

Paste circles

Step 6: Make cuts on the plain side. Then paste both the blue straps on both sides.

Add straps

Step 7: And here you have it. The only thing you’re supposed to do is move the strap up and down, and your bird will be a flying origami bird.

Paper flying puppet


  • Use sharp equipment carefully: Be careful while using the scissors, etc., as they can cause serious cuts and injuries.

Well, it was easy, right? Not just that, but it’s fascinating, I’m sure. Origami is fun, and when you can make something movable, it’s more fun to make it.

I hope this tutorial on how to make a paper flying puppet will have helped you.


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