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The finest craft for kids, especially around the holidays, is a DIY paper pen holder. It’s incredibly quick and straightforward to create, and it looks adorable on a study or work table. This tutorial will show you how to make a wonderful pen holder for kids. Kids enjoy origami activities, and crafting this pen holder will provide them with much more joy. Origami paper in various layouts and patterns can be used to build a pen holder. All you have to do now is fold the papers and your paper pen holder will be ready to use.How To Make A Paper Holder


It is always vital to gather all of the necessary materials for your crafting to save time and energy. The materials you’ll need to build your paper pen holder are listed below:


  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Black Pencil


  • Colorful Origami Paper
  • Card Stock Paper

Steps To Make A Paper Holder

Now that you have the materials list and a basic understanding of pen holders, let’s get started and create a lovely pen holder. Your paper pen holder will be ready if you follow the directions carefully:

Step 1: To begin, select one piece of origami paper in any color you like. It is a good idea to use origami paper because it is soft and allows for easy folding.

Step 2: To begin, hold one corner of the paper and fold it to the other corner, as seen in the image below. Also, trim the bottom section of the paper that is excess using a scissor.

Step 3: You now hold one square piece of paper in your hands.

Step 4: After that, fold the paper in half and give it a nice crease. Fold the paper in half again from the other side to create four square boxes.

Step 5: You must now fold the box as shown in the figure below. Fold only two sides of the box, though.

Step 6: After you’ve completed the box folding, fold the base and flatten it thoroughly.

Step 7: After the base fold, you must fold the sides. Fold one side of the paper first, then fold the other side and flatten it completely.

Step 8: Apply a small amount of adhesive to one side of the paper only at the bottom, as shown. Hold the second portion slowly and position it on top of it, then stick it. Most crucial, wait 2–3 minutes for it to dry. Make 6 boxes in the same way.

Step 9: Apply a small amount of glue to the sides of all the boxes and slowly stick them together. Allow for an additional 5 minutes of drying time under a fan or at room temperature.

Step 10: Take any color card stock paper and trace the base of your pen stand according to the measurements. Once the outline is complete, carefully cut it out with little scissors.

Step 11: Apply glue to the bottom border of the pen holder, but not over it, since this will allow the glue to seep inside the holder and ruin the creation. However, gently set the card-stock cutout and dry it under the fan for at least 10 minutes. So here it is, your lovely pen, all set to go. However, if you place it on a study table or something like that, it will look charming.


Origami pen holders for kids can be made in a variety of methods at home. It is, nevertheless, incredibly simple to create for beginners. You can also construct your custom-designed pen holder in any shape you choose. You can also use leftover card stock paper from previous crafts or gift paper. Similarly, youngsters can use this pen holder as a multipurpose stand or as a gift. However, there are a few things to bear in mind while constructing it:

  • Apply less glue

Use a tiny portion of adhesive. Otherwise, your craft will be ruined.

  • Use Old Paper

You’ll have a lot of leftover paper from past crafts that you can recycle.

Glitter paper can be used to make an origami pen holder sparkle. Go ahead and give it a shot on your own. Now it’s your chance to construct a kid-friendly origami pen holder.

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