How To Make A Paper Origami Vase

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Flower vases are a popular piece in home design since they can brighten up any room. However, because flower vases come in many different forms and sizes, choosing the appropriate one for your area can be tricky. But what if you can learn how to make a paper origami vase at home? Wait, are you surprised? Well, you’ll read that here only.

We all know that flowers offer life to a living space and refresh the environment. And vases, which come in various traditional and contemporary designs, can drastically transform the look of our house or office. It’s amazing to have one in your living room, and now you can make one for yourself. Keep reading to learn about origami vases.


You will just need these basic things, and you can make a beautiful paper origami vase in no time.



  • Paper
  • Scale

Steps To Make Paper Origami Vase

To make a paper vase, you will have to follow these steps.

Step 1: Take a square sheet. Use whatever color you like the most.

Square sheet

Step 2: Now, fold the sheet into a small square sheet. Follow the images if you’re getting what to do.

Fold the paper

Step 3: Open the sheet back into the rectangular shape. Now fold one side half as shown in the image below. Repeat the same steps on the opposite side as well. We are doing it to make creases.

Fold slightly

Step 4: Hold one side of the paper and fold it into a triangle shape.

Fold a triangle

Step 5: Your paper should look like this from the back, as depicted in the image.

Fold upside down

Step 6: Fold the whole paper by repeating the step mentioned above.

Make a single Triangle

Step 7: Now, mark the area as shown in the picture using a ruler. Once you’re done marking, remove it.

Remove the part

Step 8: Once you’re done removing the excess area, you’ll be having something like this.


Step 9: Now again, fold the paper in a double triangle shape.

Fold in a triangle

Step 10: Use a pen and make marks like the image below.

Mark like this

Step 11: Start folding it as per the marks.

Fold as per marks

Step 12: You’ll have something like this in your hand.

Hold the edges

Step 13: And that’s it. Here’s your paper vase ready.

Origami vase


  • Make nice creases: You should make smooth creases to make your art piece look beautiful and the same.

Well, it turned out beautiful, right? You can easily place it somewhere in your living room or tabletop. You can even place real flowers in this vase.

So, what’s the need to buy one when you can make it yourself? I hope this guide on how to make a paper origami vase will have helped you understand the basic steps.


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