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In your childhood or while visiting an amusement park, you would have indeed seen a roller coaster and been amazed. But have you ever thought you could design and build your roller coaster? There is a wide range of toys in the market, but no one can compete with building your roller coaster. Don’t worry. You won’t require any heavy number of materials to create a roller coaster. We will help you to make your first ever Paper Roller Coaster in a simple manner. Let us begin.


Before initiating the process, firstly, let us go through with the materials required to build this incredible Paper Roller Coaster.



Steps To Make A Paper Roller Coaster

Step 1: Firstly, you should make a wide strip of 7.5 cm and then draw two parallel lines, which will divide the strip into three comprehensive sections. Gently, fold down the two sides of the papers, which will make a wall.

Making the wall

Making the wall

Step 2: To make a hill or a loop, cut a paper strip into 7.5 cm. After cutting the strip, draw two parallel lines which will divide the sheet into three wide strips of 2.5 cm each. Start cutting the ribbon inwards to make tabs.

Making a hill or loop

Making a hill or loop

 Step 3: Now, fold the tabs up to 90 degrees and bend the track according to your wish. Use tape to join the tabs.

Bending the loop or hill

Bending the loop or hill

Step 4: For making a curve, firstly, you should cut the 7.5 strips of paper. After cutting the strip:

  1. Draw two parallel lines which will divide the sheet into three wide strips of 2.5 cm each.
  2. Draw or mark every 2.5 cm along one edge of the sheet.
  3. Start to cut the sheet towards inwards till 5 cm from these marks.

Making Curve

Making Curve

Step 5: Start folding the remaining uncut side of the sheet to 90 degrees as it will form a wall. Next, you should fold up towards the other side to build a second wall. As the lower portion of the track, we will cut it into segments, and then it can be bent horizontally, forming the curve. Lastly, use the tape on the tabs, which will hold the angle.

Making Curve step 5

Making Curve

Step 6: Now, we will build a support strut for that you should cut a sheet of 6.25 cm. Secondly, mark or draw four parallel lines, and it will divide the sheet into five segments, each of 1.25 cm. Cut the sheet towards inward till 2.5 cm by following these lines from one edge. Fold the sheet along the lines to get us a square shape, then use the tape to hold it. Lastly, fold the tabs you had cut at the end towards outward as it will allow you to tape the tabs on the cardboard or Thermocol sheet easily. Finally, place the marble at the top and enjoy your roller coaster.

Building the support

Building the support

How To Make A Paper Roller Coaster Papercraft

Paper Roller Coaster


  • We recommend you draw a design or layout before constructing the roller coaster.
  • Try to use corrugated cardboard as a base because it will help to recycle.


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