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How many of you have considered what you can create with paper? The list could go on indefinitely. There’s nothing you can’t create with paper. This time, why not try something a little more decorative? That’s right, you read it correctly. Everyone wants to improve the appearance of their home. So, how about being creative and trying something new? You can learn how to make a paper scroll sign at home by following these steps.


Creating it is simple if you have all of the necessary components. To make your customized paper scroll sign at home, you’ll need the following items:



  • Calligraphy sticker
  • Brown chart paper

Steps To Make A Paper Scroll Sign

Once you’ve grabbed your materials, let’s get going on making it. Making a paper scroll sign is straightforward if you follow the directions carefully:

Step 1: Firstly, take a big brown chart, or it can be any other color you like. Roll both up and down corners slightly and secure it with clips so that it won’t open up.

Fold both the sides

Step 2: Next, get a calligraphy sticker printed or have it done from any such shops. The written material can be according to what you like. Put the sticker onto the chart and scratch the letters out.

Paste sticker

Step 3: Bring two ropes long enough to be tied to both sides. Attach the end of one rope to the rolled corner and do the same with the other rope on the next side. Tie a knot of the left ends in the middle.

Make rope hanger

Step 4: Now, carefully remove the regular clips from the corners and add small paper clips of a similar shade so that it doesn’t show up. Do the same with other rolled edges.

Attach paper clip

Step 5: Add some decoration as you please, and ta-da, your paper scroll sign, is ready to be hung.

Paper scroll sign


  • Use sharp equipment carefully: Be careful while using the scissors, etc., as they can cause serious cuts and injuries.

You can now create such an incredible work of art. It’s not only beautiful, but it’s also fairly priced. Learning alone, however, is insufficient. You’re allowed to play around with it as much as you want. It’s now up to you to come up with new ideas.

If you believe this is straightforward, you should realize that personal creativity strikes differently, doesn’t it? After following these basic directions, you’ll be able to learn how to make a paper scroll sign. So grab the opportunity to put your thoughts on paper beautifully.


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