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If you’re looking for a new plant to add to your collection, the spider plant should be on your list. The spider plant, which is native to tropical and southern Africa, is a lovely indoor plant. Because of its spider-like leaves, it is known as the spider plant. The leaves are slender and a combination of white and green colors. So, how about learning how to make a paper spider plant?

You’re probably wondering what makes the spider plant so unique. On the other hand, Spider plants are one of the most attractive plants. They quickly improve the look of your home. Spider plants can be hung in the living room or used as tabletop decorations in the bedroom.

Then, if you’re going to make it out of paper, it’ll be the finest for decoration because it won’t require any maintenance. You can put it on the tabletop or the window, and it’ll look beautiful. You can even gift it to your friends. So, read on finally to know the simple steps.


If you’re all determined to make a paper plant, you must collect these supplies.


  • Scissors
  • Glass


Steps To Make A Paper Spider Plant

To make a paper spider plant, you must follow these easy steps.

Step 1: Gather all the necessary materials in one place.

Collect Supplies(How To Make A Paper Spider Plant)

Collect supplies

Step 2: Start with cutting the leaves. You have to cut it in a long triangle shape. Make sure that your paper leaves are of equal size. Cut 25-30 leaves.

Cut leaves

Step 3: Now, take crayons and start coloring the leaves. You have to cover the edges with green and leave the middle part white. Try to make it look realistic.

Color leaves

Step 4: Once done with the coloring, collect all the leaves and merge them from their base. Tape it to secure all the leaves together.

Tape the base

Step 5: Take the glass. Put the brown paper inside the glass. You have to put your leaves in the glass.

Prepare pot

Step 6: And your paper spider plant is ready.

Spider plant


While making your plant, keep in mind these things:

  • Make sure you’re cutting the leaves equally.
  • Color it nicely, or it’ll look fake.

Now that you know how to make a paper spider plant, it’s your turn to make it for your balcony. You can even decorate your tabletop with these plants.


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