How To Make A Plant Cell Science Model

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This tutorial will show you how to make a plant cell science model at home for your biology science project. The universe of the cell is complex and diverse. The generalization leads to the most fundamental and obvious statement that the cell is the living organisms’ microscopic structural and functional unit. There are many cell types, such as animal and plant cells. They differ in size, form, function, and average generation time. In-plant cells, the nucleus, cell wall, a large vacuole, and other cell organelles are present. 


To make a plant cell model, we need some tools and materials that are listed below; 


  • 16×16 cm and 1-inch thick Thermocol sheet
  • Another small Thermocol sheet
  • Blade 
  • Cutter 


  • Marker 
  • Paintbrush
  • Fevicol
  • Tissue paper
  • Paint Color 
  • Colored marker or Sketch pen 

Steps To Make A Plant Cell Science Model 

Step 1: First, take a Thermocol sheet of size about 16×16cm and 1 inch thick. 

Draw an outline for plant structure using a marker. 

Step 2: Now cut the structure using the blade and remove the excess part of Thermocol at the corner and middle ( as shown in the picture).

Cutting out the shape on the marked outlines

Step 3: Make different cell organelles like vacuole, nucleus, Endoplasmic reticulum, Golgi body, mitochondria, and cytoskeleton.

Cutting out shapes of cell organelles 

Step 4: Now paste these organs specifically on the Thermocol sheet, coat them with tissue, and glue water to the equal mixture. 

Step 5: Now, color them specifically. 

Coloring the oraganelles

Step 6: Draw some specific spots on the model to make them in a presentable manner. 

Step 7: Now, your plant cell model is ready to represent. 

Make some labels if you want, and paste the whole model on the cardboard. 

Plant Cell Science Model


Plant cell models can be made at home by using other different types. This tutorial will help students understand the shape and functions of plant cells.  Students can also build their customized models. Students can also use leftover cardboard or Thermocol sheets from previous crafts.

Things To Remember

  • While using a blade or cutter, be careful to take the help of an adult. 
  • While applying water glue mixture, make sure to mix them equally and useless otherwise, it’ll destroy your model.


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