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We all know that craft pursuit can get a little messy, but it is undeniable that arts and crafts are excellent for developing young brains and bodies. Well, do you know how to make a plastic bottle cutter?

If not, then this post is for you. But before learning the steps, read a bit about the importance of art and craft.

So, these craft activities encourage communication, listening, attentiveness, and creativity. It can easily improve mental health and wellbeing while also encouraging a variety of developmental abilities.

Well, it’s not just related to kids, but when parents get engaged in these activities, it’s more fun. Yes, because it’s often dangerous to use tools like scissors and cutters. When you are with your parents, it’s safer.

Now that you’ve understood how these craft things can be helpful, why not try with your parents? So without wasting any time, let us start.


If you want to make a plastic bottle cutter by yourself, then you’ll need all the following materials:



  • Marker
  • Wooden piece

Steps To Make A Plastic Bottle Cutter

If you are willing to make a plastic bottle cutter at home, then follow these steps wisely.

Step 1: Take a wooden piece as shown in the picture.

Take wooden piece

Take wooden piece

Step 2: Now, take a marker and draw 1 line vertically and 3 horizontally.

Mark lines

Mark lines

Step 3: After that, you have to look for a hand cutter and cut the marked lines in a way that it’s not totally separated from the piece.

Cut the marked lines

Cut the marked lines

Step 4: Now, use an electric cutter and plain the wooden surface.

Plain the surface

Plain the surface

Step 5: Take a blade and insert it in the wooden piece as shown in the picture.

Insert blade

Insert blade

Step 6: Use nut-bolts and fix the blade so that it won’t move.

Secure the blade

Secure the blade

Step 7: Now your Plastic bottle cutter is ready to use.

Here's your plastic bottle cutter

Here’s your plastic bottle cutter


While making your cutter, you just have to keep these things in mind:

  • Handle the blade with care.
  • Use the electric cutter carefully. or you can get hurt.
  • Carry the wooden piece carefully.

Now that you know the steps, it’s your time to try it on your own.




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