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In this tutorial, we will show how to make a pumping heart model for your school’s science exhibition. The heart is an organ sort of like a pump that receives blood by vessels that provide oxygen and nutrients to the body and help remove metabolic waste.

The heart is located in between the lungs of human beings. However, the heart is divided into four chambers: lower left and right ventricles and upper left and right atria.


To make a pumping heart model, we need;


Steps To Make A Pumping Heart Model

Step 1: Take a jar, fill it with just over half a full of water, and add a few drops of red color.

red color

Step 2: Cut the neck of the balloon and cover the rest of the balloon over the throat of the jar as tight as possible. Also, secure the balloon to the jar with the rubber band. Save the balloon neck.

balloon neck

Step 3: Make small holes in the balloon and they should be smaller than the straws So that no air can pass from the gaps when you push on the balloon.

Step 4: Slide the small water balloon onto the end of one straw and secure a rubber band or tape with it. This is the valve of our heart model.

heart model

Step 5: Put each straw through a hole in the balloon. In order to grasp the falling ‘blood’, now put the model in a glass tray. Now bend the straw downwards to get away projectile blood.

projectile blood

Step 6: After this press gently down on the balloon and watch what happens. Water should be forced out of the straw that isn’t sealed. The balloon involves water going back down the straw.

Making Of Heart Working Model Or Blood Pumping Project For School Science Exhibition

Take the balloon valve of the straw. You should find that what is now goes back down the straw.

When you push down on the upper lid balloon, it is like you are contracting and squeezing the heart chambers. This pumps blood out of the jar (Heart) and into the straw (arteries).


The heart is an integral part of the human body as it pumps blood around the body, delivers oxygen and nutrients to the cell, and removes waste products.

By making this pumping heart model, students will understand the concept of blood pumping and the heart’s working. This blood-pumping model helps students to know how the heart works in their bodies.

How can students make this pumping model at home using material that is readily available at home?

Make sure to visit the doctor regularly for checkups to ensure a healthy working heart.



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