How To Make A Quilling Paper Dragonfly

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We all love decorating our homes and office, right? Are you bored of your room setup, or do you think it is quite monotonous? Well, the interior and decoration of your room make a lot of difference in your life. Yes, you heard it right because when you sit in a beautiful environment, it helps you concentrate more. This is why we will tell you how to make a quilling paper dragonfly.

Are you not able to study in your room because its setup is boring? If yes, it’s time that you make it a bit attractive. You must have someone in your friend’s group who loves designing or art and craft. So, just call them up and tell them that you will make beautiful dragonflies on your own to decorate your room.

What? Are you shocked at what we just said? Well, that’s true as we will tell you an easy way that will enable you to make colorful dragonflies with quilling paper in no time. You just need a few things, and you are ready to go.


You need the following few tools and materials to make beautiful quilling paper dragonflies at home to decorate your home.



  • Quilling paper strips
  • Quilling kit

Steps To Make A Quilling Paper Dragonfly

All you need to do is follow the following simple steps that we will tell you to make quilling paper dragonflies on your own.

Step 1: Take a black strip and roll it. Then paste a strip of different colors and roll it on the black roll. And finally, roll another black strip on it to make a colorful roll. Make 7-8 rolls the same way.

Make seven rolls

Step 2: Take 3 more strips, roll them separately and pinch to give them the shape of teardrops to make the body.

Make teardrops

Step 3: Now, paste all those tear shapes together.

Paste them together

Step 4: Take all the 7 rolls you make and paste them one by one to make the tail.

Paste the rolls with the body

Step 5: Take another strip and start rolling it on a quilling comb moving to the next tooth one by one.

Male wings with a quilling comb

Step 6: Remove the comb and give a perfect bent shape to the wings. Make 4 wings this way.

Make four curved wings

Step 7: Now paste those wings on the body with the help of glue, and your dragonfly is ready.

Quilling Paper Dragonfly


  • Be careful: When making this quilling paper dragonfly, ensure that you handle the quilling kit with care without hurting yourself.

So, now that we told you how to make a quilling paper dragonfly at home, wait no more and make some for yourself.


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