How To Make A Rain Detector Alarm At Home

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This tutorial will show you how to make a rain detector alarm at home. A rain detector alarm is an instrument used to detect rainwater and activate it by the sound of an alarm or buzzer. 

Water is a vital renewable resource. There is no question of life on the earth’s surface without water. Most of the water of the Earth is found in oceans, but freshwater accounts for only about 2.7 %. Out of which 70% occurs as an ice sheet and glaciers in Antarctica, Greenland, and mountains. So, it is very important to save water. Where is the project that helps to detect the rainwater, and with the help of this project, we can save water and increase the pure underwater level?


To make the rain detector alarm at home, we need some supplies, which are listed below:


  • 9v battery
  • 9v battery connector
  • Buzzer
  • Small PVC pipe
  • Small LED bulb 
  • Transistor
  • Blades
  • Hot glue gun 
  • Cutter or small saw 
  • Wooden sheet 
  • Soldering iron


  • Pop sticks 
  • Bottlecap 
  • Wire

Steps To Make A Rain Detector Alarm At Home

Let’s get started to make a rain detector alarm. You just have to follow the steps carefully. 

Step 1: First, connect the battery to its connector. 

Paste that battery and a buzzer in the wooden sheet 

Step 2: Paste two pop sticks and attach two blades on the top of them. 

Attaching blades on a Pop stick

Step 3: Cut the PVC pipe crooked with the help of a cutter or small saw. 

Cutting PVC pipe

Step 4: Attach PVC pipe on the wooden sheet using a hot glue gun and paste pop stick on the top of the pipe. 

Step 5: Now, take a transistor and bend its two outer strings as shown in the picture. 

Connect one string of transistor with battery connector wire using a soldering iron

Step 6: Now, connect the second transistor string with the one wire of the buzzer (as shown in the picture). 

Step 7: Make holes on the top and the edge of a plastic bottle cap. 

Making a hole in the bottle cap

Step 8: Connect wires in the LED bulb and secure them with electric tape. 

Step 9: Fix the LED bulb in the bottle and paste them on the wooden sheet. 

Fixing LED bulb on the bottle cap

Step 10: Now, connect the Buzzer wire with one LED wire and one Battery wire with another LED wire. 

Step 11: Now connect the left wire with the blade on the top of the pop stick. 

Making the wire connections

Step 12: Connect another wire with the left third string of the transistor.

Connect another end with the blade

Step 13: Connect a switch with wire between LED and battery wire. Switch it on. 

Rain Detector Alarm assembly

Step 14: Now, when you spray some water on the blades, the LED will glow and hear a buzzer sound. The sound will show the working of the rain detector alarm. Finally, the rain detector alarm project is ready for use.


A rain detector alarm is used to detect rain in irrigation fields. In this model, students will know how a simple rain detector activates the buzzer and how it is constructed.

This tutorial will help students to understand the working principle of an alarm and how to make it at home with easily available material. 

Things To Remember

  • Be careful while using soldering iron. 
  • Use the leftover material available at home. 
  • Be careful during the wire connection. 

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