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This tutorial will show you how to make a rubber band-powered boat working model science model at home quickly. When we wind multiple times the rubber band, our muscular energy transforms into potential energy in a rubber band.

When we leave a rubber band, its potential energy transforms into mechanical energy in the rubber band, resulting from acting like a propeller that gives its motion.


To make this science model of a working rubber band-powered boat, we will need the following supplies.


  • Rubber bands
  • Two plastic spoons
  • Two ice cream sticks
  • Empty plastic water bottle
  • Thread
  • Hot glue gun

Steps To Make A Rubber Band-Powered Boat

Step 1: First, take an empty plastic water bottle and attach two ice cream sticks on the opposite sides at the bottom portion of the bottle with the help of a rubber band, which can secure with the hot glue gun.

glue gun

Step 2: Take both plastic spoons and break the back portion of the same. Attach the back portion of both the utensils with the help of a thread or hot glue gun, as shown in the picture.

shown in the picture

Step 3: Use a smaller rubber band and tag another end of the ice cream sticks attached to the plastic bottle.

plastic bottle

Step 4: Next, place the attached plastic spoons in the middle of it. Then, wind multiple times so that it can work like a propeller fan.

propeller fan

Step 5: Continue to wind it and stop when it is tough to find it any further because if you try to incorporate it more, the frame of our boat or rubber band can break.

Step 6: Now, we have done with the winding rubber bands so let the board set place the boat in a tub or a small pond containing water.

Observe that the fan rotates, which acts as a propeller, and the boat will move around.

Rubberband Powered Boat Working Model DIY At Home Easily

Now let the boat sail, and once its winding finishes again, turn the propeller in the same way you did earlier and put it back in the water.


Rubber band-powered boat models help students learn the boat’s working and be made with readily available material at home.



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