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Have you ever been assigned the task of making an electric circuit model in school? Well, your answer will certainly be yes because it is a very typical thing to occur in school. Do you know how to make a simple circuit working model for a science model?

Read this post to learn more circuit working models. Additionally, making a circuit with your own hands is a simple technique to show the functioning of electricity.

We know that all circuits operate in the same manner. Electricity leaves the source of its power, travels the path, and returns in an unbroken path to the other side of the power source. So, do you want to learn how to build a simple circuit that works?

In this post, you’ll learn how to make a basic circuit out of basic home materials to power an LED bulb. So keep scrolling to find out more about it.


If you have the following items, you can create a working circuit model:



  • Small LED light
  • Two small button batteries
  • Copper wire
  • Tape

Steps To Make A Simple Circuit Working Model For Science Project


Let’s begin creating a circuit model now that you have the supplies. Making your circuit model will be fairly simple if you follow the instructions to the point.

Step 1: Take two pieces of copper wire and cut them in half.

cut copper wire into halves

Cut copper wire into halves

Step 2: Arrange the two batteries (with the + on one battery meeting the – on the other) in the same direction.

set the batteries

Set the batteries

Step 3: Attach the two pieces of wire, one on top and one on the bottom, to the batteries.

arrange the wires

Arrange the wires

Step 4: Connect one wire to one of the LED light’s legs and the other to the other.

connect the ends

Connect the ends

Step 5: The LED light is turned off. You now have a basic electric circuit, and now you can experiment with connecting and disconnecting the wire from the LED light to see what happens.

electric circuit

Electric Circuit


If you follow the instructions, the steps are simple. There are usually a few things to keep in mind when making this.

  • Handle the led bulb with care because it can be dangerous or fall to pieces.
  • Handle the tools with care.

Now that you’ve gone over all of the steps, it’s time to put them to trial. You may quickly learn how to make a simple circuit working model for a science project by reading this post.





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