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We know energy comes in several varieties, and we can transform electric power into various functional works or mechanical energy with the help of machines like electric motors. But have you ever imagined how these electric motors had been made and worked? Thus, today, we will look at how to make a simple electric motor science project.


Before moving further, let us first have a look at the resources that we should gather.



Steps To Make A Simple Electric Motor

Step 1: Take a wire and go to its center point. Now start to wrap the wire tightly around the marker. Slide down the coil, begin wrapping every loose end of the wire around the coil and then take away the cables from the loop as displayed below.

Adjusting the wire

Adjusting the wire

Step 2: Now, use the knife to remove the wire’s insulation at the free end of the coil.

Cutting the insulation

Cutting the insulation

Step 3: Now tie the loose end of the wire coil through the needle and maintain the col straight without disturbing the wire ends.

Inserting the wire coil through a needle

Inserting the wire coil through a needle

Step 4: Place the D battery sideways on a plane surface. Apply some modeling clay on the sides of the battery and needle to keep it stuck.

Placing D Battery

Placing D Battery

Step 5: Keep the needles next to the battery terminal and make sure the needle touches the battery terminal.

Placing needles

Placing needles

Step 6:  Apply some electrical tape to the apparatus.

How To Make A Simple Electric Motor Science Project

Applying electrical tape


  •  Make sure you perform this experiment on a table.

Things To Remember

  • Hands should not be wet while experimenting.



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