How To Make A Simple Machine With LEGO Pulleys

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Lego helps us to understand the pulley mechanism. If you have a doubt, we will clear it with a practical demonstration. We will teach you how to make a simple machine with Lego Pulleys and hence it will help us to learn the pulley mechanism. Let us begin.


Let us go through the essential supplies to make a simple machine with Lego Pulleys. They are as follows:


  • String
  • Scissors
  • Scale


  • Legos
  • Wheel with Groove
  • Wall Element
  • Base Plate
  • Coins

Steps To Make A Simple Machine with LEGO Pulleys

Step 1: First build a wall of the seven and a half-inch size.

Making Lego Wall

Step 2: In the second step, while building a wall, add a wall element on the fore left side of the Lego wall. Once you complete adding the wall element, continue to fill that layer with Lego pieces.

Fixing the Wall Element

Step 3: On the next layer of the wall, add a pulley which should be about four and a half inches away from the left side of the wall.

Fixing the Pulley

Step 4: Make another layer of the wall above the pulley.

Adding Additional Layer of Wall

Step 5: Now, attach the side Lego pieces to the base, and it will be the basket to hold the valuable items.

Making Basket

Step 6: Add two wall elements at the side of the basket and attach the pully in the middle.

Adding Wall Elements

Step 7: Insert the string inside the basket and take it through the pully. Tie the basket and then make a knot. After that, take the string and take it through the second pulley attached to the wall.

Fixing the Pulleys and Thread

Step 8: The last step is to fill the basket with the coins and then pull the basket with the string.

Simple Machine with Lego Pulleys

Things To Remember

  • The measurement of the wall should be the same for all the sides.
  • Make sure you fix the string appropriately.


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