How To Make A Solar Power Irrigation Model

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In this DIY tutorial, we are going to show how to build a solar power irrigation model for your school science project at home. This homemade science experiment is done by using material that is available at home at a very low cost.

This model represents how an irrigation system operates by using solar energy.


So, here are supplies we need to build solar power irrigation model,


  • Hot glue gun
  • Thick wire
  • Battery
  • Scissors


  • Colored chart paper
  • soapbox
  • Fevicol
  • Paintbrushes
  • Sketch Pen
  • Straw
  • Pencil
  • Waste cardboard

Steps To Make A Solar Power Irrigation Model

Step 1: Firstly take three rectangular-shaped cardboard and 4 soapboxes. Using Fevicol, Stick soapboxes below to four corners of cardboard. Now place another cardboard above it, so that it can empty space inside.

space inside

Step 2: Take a white chart paper, stick it around cardboard, paint them one-half blue, and paint the rest of the cardboard in blue color.

blue color

Step 3: Apply green color to the top of the rectangle cardboard. Take small cardboard and color it in black and paste white paper strips to make a solar panel.

solar panel

Step 4: Cut circular cardboard and a long stick of paper. Attach sticks with the glue gun to form the legs of the circular table.

circular table

Step 5: Take a yellow plastic bottle to build an overhead tank. Cut the cylindrical-shaped cardboard and color it in grey to form a water pump.

Step 6: Attach a blue-colored cardboard box vertically with the help of the glue gun and stick sun and clouds to it.

clouds to it

Step 7: Create a stand and stick the solar panel to it. Stick a controller next to it and a water pump and connect the pump to the overhead tank with a straw. Also, create some cotton plants and mud around it.

mud around it

Step 8: With the help of one straw and attach the tank to supply water to the plants. Stick wire from solar panel to controller for power supply and the water pump.

water pump

Here, a solar power irrigation Science Model is ready to be placed in a science exhibition!

solar energy irrigation model


Solar Power irrigation model system helps students learn how irrigation systems operate using solar energy and how to make it by easily available material at home.

As solar energy operates, Systems have lowered costs and are friendly to nature.



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