How To Make A Speedlight Diffuser

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In practically any lighting condition, Speedlight diffusers are a game-changer. They give the lighting more depth, smoothness, and definition. They can also help you improve your macro photography. This is used to diffuse or disperse the harsh, intense light that comes out of the flash, giving the object a more equal and pleasing glow. But have you ever wished you could save money on that little piece of plastic by making one at home? What if I told you that you could make your personal Speedlight diffuser right in your own home? Yes, it’s possible. We’ll show you how to make a Speedlight diffuser.

Moreover, it also aids in the removal of heavy shadows caused by intense lighting. On the internet, you may obtain small, low-cost diffusers and softboxes to affix to your flashlight. Continue reading to find out more.


Making a Speedlight diffuser is very simple If you have all the necessary materials available at your home. You will need the following things:


  • Scissor/cutter


Steps To Make A Speedlight Diffuser

Let’s get started on creating a Speedlight diffuser now that you have the materials list. Your Speedlight diffuser will be incredibly simple to make if you follow the instructions exactly:

Step 1: Take the plastic jar and trace the front of the Speedlight on the bottom of the jar with a marker.

trace the front

Trace the front

Step 2: Join the opposite corners of the shape made with the help of a marker. Then, cut out the opposite triangles made at the shorter line side. Paint the jar white.

cut out the shape 1

cut out the shape 2

cut out the shape 3

Cut out the shape

Step 3: Now, trace the cap of the jar on tracing paper and cut it out. Paste it inside the cap using double-sided cello tape.

paste the tracing paper 1

paste the tracing paper 2

paste the tracing paper 3

paste the tracing paper 4

Paste the tracing paper

Step 4: Fix the jar upon the Speedlight and secure it with the band.  Put on the cap.


Fix it on Speedlight

Step 5: Your Speedlight diffuser is all ready to go.



Speedlight diffuser


  • Beware of sharp objects: Be attentive while using the scissor or cutter as they can cause serious harm or injuries.

You can now try it on your own. Now is the moment for you to start saving cash. So make the effort and see what happens.



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