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We all love lamps in our home, right? What if you can learn how to make a spinning lamp for your tabletop? Umm…Interesting right!

We all know that motion lamps are cylinder lamps with colored images that were popular in the 1950s. The images rotate due to the heat generated by the lights inside the cylinders. Although similar lamps can still be found in vintage stores, you can create a basic version at home for a few bucks using your favorite colors and designs. And yes, by using a casual candle. So, what are you waiting for? Give this post a quick read.


To make a spinning lamp for your home, you must gather these materials.



  • Rectangular cardboard
  • A4 size sheet
  • Colors
  • Glue
  • Matchstick

Steps To Make A Spinning Lamp

Step 1: Take rectangular cardboard and cover it with white paper. You’ll have to use this cardboard as your base. Make sure that your cardboard is thick.


Step 2: Now, take an A4 size sheet. Fold it from one side, as shown in the image. Glue it down.

Fold and glue

Step 3: You are supposed to decorate the sheet. You can use any design to decorate it. For example, we are using a star-shaped instrument to color it and decorate it with stars. Customize it as per your taste.

Star-shaped instrument

Step 4: Your paper should look like this. Use different colors to make it look more attractive.

Decorate your sheet

Step 5: Take the sheet and fold it to make a cylinder out of it. Glue it from the corner so it will not open.

Make a cylinder

Step 6: Now, take scissors and start cutting them from one side. Make equal marks and cut those marks. Then fold the pieces upside down. It should look something like indicated in the image.

Fold the corners

Step 7: Cut a circle out of cardboard. And make it look something like shown in the picture. You are supposed to use it to cover your cylinder.

Cover the cylinder

Step 8: Again, take out your base cardboard. Use an aluminum wire and place it in the middle. Then fix the candle holder.

Fix candle holder

Step 9: You can light your candle now.

Light your candle

Step 10: And that is it. Finally, now you need to place your cylinder on the candle.

Spinning lamp


While making your spinning lamp, keep in mind these things:

  • Use a small candle.
  • Use a good candle holder.
  • Place it somewhere away from kids.
  • Use thick paper.

Well, I hope this tutorial on how to make a spinning lamp has helped you. If yes, make one for your tabletop and save your money buying lamps.


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