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When you are fond of tea, no matter what kind of tea, green tea or flavored tea, there is no doubt that you have a bundle of tea bags as well. It surely means you are also looking for a proper place to keep the tea bags—something attractive. This tutorial is a solution to your problem. You will learn how to make a teabag holder folder to carry your teabags with the help of this tutorial.


Before moving ahead, it is imperative to gather all the required material beforehand.



  • Adhesive
  • Cardstock
  • Wooden scale
  • Double-sided tape
  • Stamp

Steps To Make A Teabag Holder Folder

Step 1: Take a plain or printed cardstock.

printed cardstock

Step 2: If you have taken a plain cardstock. Stamp it in the way shown below.

way shown below

Step 3: Score along the length at 1, 4.25, 5, 5.75, 6.25, 6.75, 7.5, and 8.25 inch.

8.25 inch

Step 4: Now fold the cardstock along with the scores.

along the scores 1

along the scores 2

Step 5: After scoring, your piece should look as shown below.

as shown below

Step 6: Now, glue the folds along the lines except for the centremost portion.

centermost portion

Step 7: After gluing, your piece should look as shown below.

after gluing

Step 8: Now tie the ribbon to the center of it.

How To Make A Tea Bag Holder Folder


  • Take measurements properly.
  • Use the scoring tool carefully.
  • Glue everything in a given manner.
  • Use different card stocks for different things.



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